WaltonChase Broker Review

WaltonChase Review 2020

In this WaltonChase review, we will discuss a broker that was established by professional traders. The first thing you see once you open the website is a claim that WaltonChase is always ready to improve service quality and adapt to the needs of clients.

I really like that, but we all know how sometimes those claims end up being nothing but false promises. So, we need to see every segment of its business to check whether clients truly come in the first place or not.

I decided to start with account types. In that segment, we can see what the trading conditions are, special offers, and whether potential clients have numerous things at disposal or not. When it comes to selection, you can choose between four different accounts.

WaltonChase Broker Review

Depending on your experience and trading desires, you can pick a Silver Account where the minimum requirement is 10,000 EUR. If you choose it, a dedicated senior account manager will be at your disposal. Also, you will receive leverage up to 1:300, risk management planning, and private analyst sessions.

The next option would be a Gold Account. If you want to be a Gold member, you need to deposit at least 50,000 EUR and you will receive gold spreads, faster withdrawal process, special venture promotions, and leverage up to 1:400. Of course, senior account manager, risk management planning, and private analyst sessions are also included.

If none of these accounts fulfill your needs, there is a Platinum Account. Within this one, you get everything I mentioned above, but you can also enjoy platinum spreads, lucrative VIP events, and arbitrage trading, financial planning, and leverage up to 1:500.

As the last option, WaltonChase provides a VIP Account. This is an invitation-only account, withdrawals are immediate, and you get exclusive leverage. A lot of special promotions and excellent offers will wait for you if you choose to trade with a VIP account, so if you are ready for that step, WaltonChase is a perfect place for you.

When I take a look at all those trading conditions, I can say this WaltonChase review is going into an excellent direction. This broker provided great terms for each account and every person can find a suitable option here.

Quality of service

The first thing people from WaltonChase promised is to deliver high-quality service. Well, I am excited to see whether they will manage to do that since this part of the WaltonChase review will combine everything important for clients. From website to education. So, let’s see what clients can expect if they open an account and start trading with this broker.

The first thing you can expect is a simple and responsive website. Everything is on the main menu, you can switch between different categories and it will work smoothly. The most important thing is also covered, and we are talking about optimisation. Since this broker provides a web-based platform it is important to have an optimised website, so you can trade on every device.

WaltonChase Broker Review

While we are talking about a trading platform, you should know that it is designed excellently. There aren’t any errors and you can trade easily. There is no need to download apps, the only requirement is to have Internet access. The best thing of all, this broker made a platform that is suitable for beginners too. You won’t need any assistance, whatsoever, but in case something goes wrong, you can always check the Frequently Asked Questions page. Everything about the platform is explained there.

The left side of the platform is reserved for the menu with main functions like deposit, closed position, account settings, support, etc. Next to it, you will be able to see all tradable assets (Stocks, Indices, Crypto Pairs, Commodities, Currencies) and the right side contains a chart with all information that appear once you click on the desired asset. Also, you will be able to see leverage, trading hours, maximum trade size, maintenance margin, etc.

Aside from a great trading platform, there is one other thing I want to see — proper education. In my opinion, if a broker doesn’t help you grow your skills it doesn’t offer complete service. At WaltonChase you can find different eBooks (they have educational material for everyone, from beginners strategies to advanced ones), Asset Index, and Glossary. While these assets are made available to anyone, there is another wave of educational tools behind a paywall. Once you select your preferred account type, you gain access to benefits such as financial and risk management planning, private analyst sessions, senior account managers and many more. There is a healthy balance between what you get from the get-go and when you actually open an account with Walton Chace. The former content is mostly dedicated to those without much experience. These tools can teach trading and platform fundamentals. The former, on the other hand, is meant for the experienced trader, who can make full use of all those benefits.

Each client can learn a lot and gain new skills and that is something I always appreciate. It doesn’t matter if you have years of experience in Forex, there is always something new to learn. So, my overall impression of the service quality is excellent. This is where Walton Chase clearly stands out from its competitors, who do not go to the same lengths in order to provide their clients with good quality and long-lasting relationships.

Speed of response

When it comes to customer support and responsiveness, I expect to see different methods, fast replies, and educated representatives. So, let’s see if I will find all of that on the WaltonChase website.

WaltonChase Broker Review

For contact, you can choose between four different options. Apparently, the first thing on my list is fulfilled. There is an option to send an email, call them on the phone (there are two phone lines, you can choose whether you want to contact Australia or the United Kingdom). Although phone lines are not available 24 hours, 7 days a week there are other ways to reach out to them, so I won’t give them negative points for that.

Aside from this, you can send a message using the online form. What I like the most about this option is that you can select the desired department (customer support, trading platform assistance, general feedback, or compliance) and the message will go directly to them. In terms of speed, this makes the process much faster.

Lately, there is a Live Chat option and that is the one I decided to test. Here, you can instantly see the speed of response to see what you can expect in the future. So, I reached out to them and one of the customer representatives wished me a warm welcome. I received an answer straight away and an agent was very polite. Apparently, WaltonChase fulfilled all the things from my list and I am pleased to say they met my expectations.

Transaction speed

The speed of response surprised me pleasantly and I can tell you the same thing happened with transaction speed. Deposits are instant, just as I expected and for withdrawals, you need to wait from seven to ten business days.

This is a reasonable amount of time since the first step of every withdrawal is Identity Verification. This is the part when you can speed up things a little bit. WaltonChase will ask you to provide some documents before they approve your request. My advice is to prepare all those documents in advance and send them alongside with a withdrawal request. This way someone will review them faster and you will wait less.

Keep in mind that the account type also determines how long you will wait. If you have a Silver Account, transactions take up to ten days, but with other accounts, you have prioritized withdrawals.


Commissions are not something that should worry you if you choose to trade with WaltonChase. This broker provides all information on the website and you can read about each fee it charges and avoid any negative surprise.

Luckily, there are not many fees. The first one is just one percent and you pay it upon each withdrawal request (minimum is 30 EUR/USD/GBP). The second one is a Dormant Account fee or in other words the inactivity fee (if you do not make any transaction within 30 days). This fee is 250 EUR/USD/GBP and you won’t pay it if you trade regularly.

WaltonChase Broker Review


WaltonChase is not a regulated broker, but before you eliminate it as a possibility for trading, let me give you some advice. Do not look just for the regulation. Many other things should come before the license.

Does this broker offer great possibilities? Yes. Will your funds be safe? Yes. Can you grow as a trader and count on constant customer support? Yes. As you can see, WaltonChase can provide you with numerous things that are hard to find at other places. So, there is no need to worry about licenses when you know someone will treat you as deserved.

Variety of payment methods

There is a wide variety of payment methods here. You can use a credit card, a bank transfer, or a Bitcoin method. Whatever suits you the most, but keep in mind that you will have to request a withdrawal with the same method you used to place a deposit.

WaltonChase Broker Review

To summarise this WaltonChase review, I can say this broker deserves to have your time. Clients are treated with respect and funds are safe. But not only that, from what I could see, this broker continuously improves its service to adapt to client’s needs and that’s something I will always appreciate.