United Markets Capital Broker Review

united markets caplital

Aside from competitive offers, the best thing you can see at someone’s website is devotion to the clients. United Markets Capital promises a personal approach and top priority for each client with every account you choose. By the end of this United Markets Capital review, we will know for sure whether this is just a trick to attract clients or the real deal.

Quality of service

My expectations for service quality are high after I read how dedicated this broker is and I have to say, we started excellently. You can choose between a web platform and a mobile phone app. The web one is fast, and it has different trading tools like risk management, price alerts, and stop-losses. There is a possibility to customise it and make it according to your preferences.

united markets caplital

Another thing that I like is the variety of account types. But, unfortunately, my excitement ends here. Yes, there are different accounts to choose from, but you cannot know anything about them. The only thing listed is the minimum deposit amount. So, any additional information about the leverage or margin loan percentage is not available. Another thing I later realised is that Platinum and VIP accounts are locked, and you have to contact your account manager to unlock them. Technically, you do not have the selection of six accounts which means everything is just one trick to attract new clients.

As a final part of the service quality, I want to reflect on education. Why? Because this part shows that my assumptions are correct. United Markets Capital created a website that looks astonishing. But in reality, you do not get anything. There is an education section, but when you click on it it’s just an empty page.

Unfortunately, all those promises from the beginning are just empty words.

Speed of response

At the beginning, we said you can count on personal approach no matter the account. Unfortunately, this turned out to be one big false statement. There is a Contact Us page, but it’s not working. When you click on it, you will be redirected to Outlook. That’s it.

Live Chat is not available, so the only way to reach out to this broker is to call a number that is listed on the landing page. It’s more than clear this is not enough at all.

Transaction speed

If you want to know more about transaction speed, be ready to spend a lot of time on the website. There isn’t a Deposit and Withdrawal Policy page and you need to go to Terms and Conditions and find section number 17 and inside that section, you will be able to read some basic information.

The waiting time is up to seven business days and we are finally able to read some good news. But there is always that but. If some unforeseeable circumstances happen, United Markets Capital won’t make a withdrawal. What do they mean by unforeseeable circumstances? Nobody knows.


The first advice I want to give you is to go to the Terms and Conditions and read very carefully every part. This broker charges different fees and I will go through some of them but before you open an account be sure to check if they changed something in the meantime.

The first fee is an inactivity one. If you deposit money but you decide to wait more than 30 days to start trading, you will be charged a handling fee of 70% of the initial investment amount. If you decide to wait more than 60 days, this broker will automatically charge monthly maintenance of $50 from your account. 

Of course, this is not all. There are certain administrative fees and financing fees for CFDs. That is the reason I mentioned Terms and Conditions. You want to know in advance what you are accepting before it’s too late.


Oftentimes, unregulated brokers offer much better possibilities to attract clients. I was hoping that is the case with United Markets Capital, but apparently, I was wrong, and we saw that in this review. So, this time I do mind the absence of a license and I guarantee you can find a much safer place for trading.

Variety of payment methods

We came to the end of this United Market Capital review and it’s more than clear this broker does not provide a lot of useful information. The same case is with payment methods. What I can tell is that the only methods available are Credit Card and Wire Transfer, nothing else is listed.

If you want to trade peacefully, this broker is not the right choice. Yes, there are some good things like platform or transaction speed, but unfortunately, that’s not enough.