Trade Capital Broker Review

Trade Capital is a relatively new trading company which was established just over 3 years ago in Europe. However, it should be noted that this company is located in an off-shore area of this strict market, so don’t get your hopes up about any regulatory body covering it. Not only that, by the company is blacklisted by many reputable and highly advanced regulatory authorities, such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Trade Capital Broker Review

How would a shady company like this actually get under the FCA’s radar, you might ask? Well, as you can see from the source above, FCA has taken notice that Trade Capital is posing as a broker that accepts the clients from the UK. However, considering that the company does not even hold the FCA licence, this would be impossible. This is a huge red flag in our book. That’s why we created this Trade Capital review – so you wouldn’t be misled by such fraudulent practices.

Quality of Service

One of the most telling signs of the company’s efficiency and establishment is its trading platform, of course. It is one of the most visited parts of the website, so it goes without saying that it should contain several useful features. Those include fast loading without delays, clear and accurate information, as well as no clutter or distractions. Unfortunately, Trade Capital is not able to fulfil any of those.

Trade Capital Broker Review

Namely, the platform takes quite a lot of time to load. And even if you have patience to endure all that, you will be disappointed to know that the platform is web-based, which means it is not reliable at all. Another clear sign of this is the fact that the company is being accused online of posting false information and stolen data from other respected websites. How shady is that?

Speed of Response

The customer support team at Trade Capital is faulty, to say the least. Namely, the support is only available for registered clients. Meaning, you can’t get any clear information that will be useful to you while making your decision whether to trade with them or not. Furthermore, if you do decide to register despite all of this, there will be no live chat option available to you. Also, there is a phone number listed for the UK clients. But as we mentioned above, this broker should not be able to service the clients from this country at all without a proper licence.

Transaction Speed

Trade Capital does not provide a lot of useful information about this section, including your depositing and withdrawal methods available. For instance, you will only learn that the initial deposit is $250 for the robot trading option. As the name would suggest, this type of trading is fully automated. It allows you to lay back and watch as the software trades for you. This is a good thing on one hand, especially if you are a beginner. However, if you wish to change up your game and add a new strategy, that will be kind of hard to do with this option.

Trade Capital Broker Review

As you can see, they go on and on about trying to prove to you how robot trading is the next big thing. They even promise a steady passive income of up to 25%, which is highly unlikely considering how unpredictible trading is in its core.


Trade Capital is quite misleading when it comes to explaining fees and commissions that are usually attached to your trading moves. Namely, the only thing remotely similar to clear information about this part is the note about some fees being applied to your transactions. You can find it within the Terms and Conditions section. However, they do not explain the amount of those fees, or anything else which would be useful for you to know before you begin.


As you may have already concluded from the information above, Trade Capital is not a regulated company. It is actually warned against by the FCA, which says a lot about its reputation. The fact that the licencing information is missing entirely should be a clear sign to you of how unreliable Trade Capital is.

Variety of Payment Options There aren’t any info available regarding the variety of payment options at this company. However, among the tradeable assets you will find several cryptocurrencies, which we assume means that there are some e-wallets available for you to use. However, this is only our guess, since Trade Capital does not seem to bother to tell us straight.