The Investment Center Broker Review

The Investment Center Broker Review 2021

Not a lot of broker companies today have the ability to say they are as successful and thriving as the Investment Center. This company has been active since 2001, which makes it a long-lasting tradition of 20 years. The Investment Center is located in the United Kingdom, which is best known for being the area of strictest regulatory guidelines and rules when it comes to online trading. These rules are a must in the trading world – otherwise, the clients would be in danger of abuse of their information and funds. So, these regulatory bodies oversee the everyday operations of these broker companies in order to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. This company focuses mainly on providing CFD and Forex trading services, though you have a total of 5 groups from which you can choose to diversify your portfolio.

This is imperative for broker companies today – to be able to adjust to change quickly and efficiently. Otherwise, they risk being left in the dust by other companies. And let’s face it – there are more choices than ever today for all our trading needs, so the companies need to take their operations to the next level. Luckily, the Investment Center has no problem with that! The changes and the upgrades are evident right after you visit the home page of this company’s website. The design is quite appealing, and the entire website is easy to use and scroll through, which is important especially if you are new here. The entire site is interactive and quite simple to catch on to, so you won’t have any trouble with it. At a first glance, this company definitely has a lot to offer and it is also dedicated to getting you to the next level of your trading. Let’s check out this Investment Center review to find what is really happening behind closed doors and see if this company is really as good as it claims to be.

Quality of Service

This section is kind of broad-ranged since there is a lot of things that we need to consider that point to a company’s quality of service. The trading platform, the speed of execution, the educational materials – a lot of these small but significant facts add up to what you see on the market as an end result.

When it comes to education, there are a lot of different materials you can find, and in many forms. From daily market updates and news to tutorial videos and even eBooks, these are just some of the few ones that come to mind. When you dig deeper into this section, you will notice that there is also a Glossary available, which contains a lot of the terms that are generally used during everyday trading. After all, you can’t join a community without speaking the language, right? Lastly, the Asset Index is the section you won’t be able to miss out on. Here, you can find a lot of important information and trading requirements for each tradeable asset available on the Investment Center’s platform.

The Investment Center Broker Review 2021

Next, we should also talk a little bit about the different account types you can find at the Investment Center. This company is one of the rare ones that are able to actually detect and understand the needs of their clients without overpowering them and the selection on the market. All 4 account packages available are created to suit your trading needs, but also your background in market trading, and most importantly – your budget.

So, the basic account requirement when it comes to minimum deposit is $250. With this account, which is called the Silver account, you can have access to over 200 tradeable assets, and all the trading signals available on the platform. Then, the next account type above this one is the Gold, and it contains a lot of additional benefits such as your own personal account manager and advanced trading lessons and tools. The Platinum account is next, and it goes a lot deeper and in more details when it comes to better spreads, bonuses, and other benefits that you can enjoy while trading. Lastly, there is the VIP account, but it comes only with an invitation, so we can only imagine what you can do with it.

The Investment Center Broker Review 2021

Lastly, one of the most important things that you will need to learn about when it comes to trading with the Investment Center is its platform, of course. For starters, you should keep in mind that the trading platform is proprietary, and not the type you can find anywhere else on the market. This kind of platform takes a lot of effort, time and money to be made, but it is definitely worth it. Here, you can choose from a total of over 200 tradeable assets for your portfolio, divided into 5 big asset groups. The CFDs are always popular considering that you don’t actually own the underlying asset – rather, you are just speculating on its price. Also, the Forex market is quite attractive considering that it is the most liquid one in the world. The commodities and indices are pretty old school, but they never go out of style. However, crypto related activities are definitely the most attractive ones and stir a lot of attention, since they are gaining by the minute. What is your go-to trading asset?

Speed of Response

There are several ways to reach out to the customer support agents at this company, which is great. The first one that is available on the home page is the live chat option, and it can connect you with the available agent in a matter of seconds. Then, the email option is also a good idea, since you can explain in more detail what is your issue or query. Lastly, you can also find several phone numbers available, but you can only use them if you live in Canada, Australia, or the United Kingdom. We hope this changes in the near future!

The Investment Center Broker Review 2021

Transaction Speed

This company is able to process your transaction requests quite promptly and efficiently. For starters, the Bitcoin option is definitely the best one, since it is able to do so instantly, no matter the amount. The bank wire transfer takes a bit longer – from 3 to 4 business days. But this is standard since this payment option is practically ancient! Lastly, there are different credit and debit cards you can use, but you should know that their transaction times are different based on which bank you are using. Also, you should note that all deposits are processed instantly! The above information is related solely to the withdrawal options, which take a bit longer because the Investment Center’s team wants to do a double-check of all your information to ensure safety.

The Investment Center Broker Review 2021


When it comes to different fees and commissions, these are quite important requirements that you need to pay attention to. Especially when you are in the middle of your trading and you are riding that wave of success – you wouldn’t want to stumble upon something unexpected, right? The thing about these features is that many companies tend to hide them until the last minute, so the clients are usually in for a grim surprise. However, this is certainly not the case with the Investment center, since there are no additional fees or commissions tied to any of your transactions.


The details about regulation and licensing are quite important for the company and its clients. Today, many of them fear to engage with trading companies who have not made a solid reputation for themselves on the trading market, and licensing information is a big part of that since it shows the clients that the company is dedicated to keeping them safe while trading. As we mentioned already, the United Kingdom, where the Investment Center is based, is one of the strictest areas of the world when we talk about regulating trading activities. This helps the clients make that final decision and feel safe while trading, knowing that their data and funds will not be in any danger.

Variety of Payment Options

As we mentioned already, there are 3 main payment options you can use when trading with this company. The bank wire transfer is a standard one, and you can find it at the majority of the companies today. Despite them trying to be as edgy as possible, when things are good don’t change them, right? So, the bank wire transfer is always available, and that shouldn’t surprise you. Credit and debit cards are also available since they are also quite popular for use. And lastly, the Bitcoin option is quite hot right now, considering that it is the safest of the bunch, but also able to process your transaction requests instantly and without any delays.