StocksCM Broker Review

stocks cm review

StocksCM was created a few years ago with the goal of bringing clients further than they ever imagined when it comes to their trading dreams and passions. Are you an avid cryptocurrency trader, or is Forex more your speed? Either way, StocksCM has a wide selection of assets to offer you. StocksCM has a way of bringing you closer to the action in the trading world while making you feel a valued and important client. Every single person that joins this company will learn how to trade independently by using the most suitable trading strategy for their needs.

Especially for the newly emerging broker companies, things can be a bit challenging on the market. StocksCM is aware of that, which is why they took their time to learn a few basics before joining the big league. That formula seems to be working since StocksCM is now one of the leading names in the world of trading. Why is that? Well, their unique ability to adapt and implement innovations makes StocksCM the place to be on the market. Look at this company as a useful combination of old and new, with the traditional solutions and modern ways of doing business in trading. In this StocksCM review, we will present you the results of those efforts. Is StocksCM enough to be your number one choice?

Quality of Service

StocksCM has developed its operations in all areas in a way that they suit their clients. They are easy to understand and adjust to the users’ needs, as well as simple to keep track of the progress, both the company’s and your own. The first and most obvious sign of dedication is the trading platform. At StocksCM, there isn’t any hidden details or strings attached. Rather, it is all out in the open, which makes things a lot easier for the clients.

In a single click of your mouse, you will see which of the latest tradeable assets are available on the market, as well as how you can trade them. The margin, leverage, the trading hours – these are all important details that you will need to know to make a smart trading decision. Also, colourful charts that show you how the asset is performing in real-time are always a good idea. You can find them by clicking on each asset separately and research them through a longer period of time to try and detect a pattern or a trend.

StocksCM Broker Review

Another important thing to consider when choosing a trading platform is how beneficial will it be for your individual progress. You can determine this quite easily by checking out their educational section. Here, you will see how dedicated they are at helping you improve your knowledge. In the case of StocksCM, they are updating these sections regularly, and always adding new stuff to the mix. That way, they are making sure that you are fully prepared for everything that waits for you on the market.

Speed of Response

Each trading day can be quite hectic and exciting, which is not a bad thing at all. However, what happens when you need immediate assistance? You wouldn’t want the momentum to pass you by, that’s for sure! This is why it is crucial to have access to the efficient and responsive customer support team. StocksCM is one step ahead of us here, too. They were able to gather a small but mighty team of agents that are always there to help you find your way around your trading journey.

And what is the number one thing that we all value when it comes to customer support? Their speed, of course! There are several ways to contact the StocksCM support agents, and each one takes different times to respond. For example, if you choose the live chat option, you will be pleasantly surprised to see that the agent will get back to you in a matter of seconds. How cool is that? Also, they will stay on the line with you as long as you need them to, which is really reassuring. Then, there is an e-mail option, which takes up to 24 hours to reply. You can also fill out the form on their website where you can explain your issue and wait for the reply for a few hours. Also, there is the phone number you can call, but only if you are from the UK or Australia.

StocksCM Broker Review

Transaction Speed

StocksCM is aiming to provide you with the best speed transactions throughout their entire platform. Though each one of the options within the selection can take some time to be processed, StocksCM team has made sure that this process is as simple and as efficient as you can imagine. When you choose an asset of your liking, you can easily fund your account in just a few steps and be good to go!

The transactions are quite fast and efficient no matter which option you choose for deposits and withdrawals. The time that they need to process these requests is quite impactful and necessary. Namely, why you safely await for your funds as a result of hard work, the StocksCM team is making sure that those funds are secure. Also, they are reviewing the documentation you have provided, as well as other important features that ensure your safety while trading.

Why is the transaction speed important? Well, as you might have gathered already, the trading experience requires you to be updated and able to keep up! The speed of your transactions can get you ahead of the competition, which is why it is important to review this part of a broker too when deciding who you will put your trust in.


For each one of your transactions, there are also some fees and commissions you will need to consider before you begin. A lot of companies tend to hide these details through small letters or deceiving terms, but StocksCM is pretty upfront about it, which is refreshing. So, what are the conditions that you will have to satisfy in order to make a deposit or a withdrawal?

First, it should be noted that each one of the payment methods available has different amounts of fees attached to them. For example, if you wish to make a withdrawal through Bitcoin, you will need to do so by requesting at least $250 during a single transaction. As for the rest of the payment options, which include credit cards and bank wire transfer, the minimum amount for a withdrawal is $100.

Aside from the minimum required amounts, we should also take a look at the fees and how they change depending on those amounts. Namely, the withdrawal fee is always 1%, no matter which amount you wish to take from your account. However, the fee can never be lower than 30 USD/GBP/EUR or higher than 300 USD/GBP/EUR.


Often times when you try to find out about a broker’s regulation and licencing information, you will either find misleading data or some story about how the company “doesn’t need regulation in order to provide trading services” etc. You should keep in mind that all of this is bull and that a real and honest company will be upfront and honest with you about each detail. This includes regulation.

In the case of StocksCM, they are telling you right up front that they are still not regulated. This is quite common with the newly established brokers, so this fact shouldn’t scare or discourage you. There are a lot of trustworthy brokers out there that are working hard and giving you their all and more, even without a proper licencing. After all, the image is quite important, as well. And if that gets tarnished, there is not strong enough regulation in the world to save the name from it. That’s why StocksCM is working hard on earning their reputation, as well as their licencing.

StocksCM Broker Review

Variety of Payment Methods

StocksCM gives you 3 choices for the payment methods when you wish to make a transaction on your account. Those include:

  • credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro)
  • bank wire transfer
  • Bitcoin.

The last one seems to be most appealing to the clients since the processing is instant. For bank wire transfers, there is a wait of a few business days, but that is standard. After all, bank wire transfer is one of the most traditional ways of funding your account. Lastly, there is the credit card option, which the majority of the clients already knows how to use. The waiting times here depend on your bank’s policy, so you should check about that with them.


To conclude our StocksCM review, let us take a quick overview of everything they have to offer. The platform choice is, while unorthodox, certainly a big plus for this brokerage. It manages to strike an ideal balance between feature-rich and blazing fast. This way, it can be used by traders of all levels. In addition, low fees and a plethora of payment methods make it easy to recommend StocksCM as a trustworthy and very efficient brokerage. Their capable support system proved to be able to handle everything we threw its way, and the one complaint we need to address is the lack of multi-lingual support. At the time of writing, the website is only available in English and German with just the promise of more languages arriving in the near future. It would be a shame if this was the reason some traders would miss out on everything StocksCM has to offer. StocksCM is clearly aiming to always improve its operations and create a safe and exciting trading environment for all. So far, they are doing a pretty good job about it. What do you think? Are they worthy of your time and money?