SecuredVC Broker Review

securedvc review

SecuredVC is a new type of trading platform that has a lot of advantages and unique benefits to its clients. What makes this company stand out is the fact that it cherishes values that are in the core of trading – reliability, safety and excitement. That combination of traditional approaches and modern solutions has quickly put SecuredVC on our map, and we don’t regret it at all. There are so many advantages to this company that make it stand out in the crowd of others. That’s why we created this SecuredVC review, so you could see it for yourself, too.

The thing that particularly stands out about this company is its ability to help you manage risk. As we all know, risk management can be quite challenging in this area of business. Trading, after all, is so unpredictable, but that is the basis of its appeal. So, it should be noted that there isn’t a single company out there that is able to guarantee you success on the trading market. However, there are ways to try and manage those risks by applying everyday tricks as well as the unique traits that make you who you are as a person and as a trader.

So, keep reading to find out what are the core values that SecuredVC relies on when offering you trading services. It certainly isn’t easy to stand out in the best possible way, and we will try to explain here how this company is making it happen.

Quality of Service

The number one feature that gives you the insight into the quality of service of any brand is surely the trading platform. It should be fast, reliable and user-friendly. But at the same time, the winning trading platform also needs to offer a lot of benefits to the clients. It needs to be the embodiment of simple approaches and innovative features that are just emerging on the market. SecuredVC is one of the rare companies that are able to achieve this goal.

The SecuredVC trading platform is also one of the fastest ones we have ever seen. There are no delays or other obstacles, and it is regularly updated. This way there is no fear of missing out on anything, especially if the trading day is especially hectic. On the left, there is a handy list of assets and when you click on each one, you will be presented with a colourful chart. Here, you can watch how the asset of your choosing is performing in real-time no matter where you are.

SecuredVC Broker Review

Another proof of loyalty and dedication that SecuredVC has for its clients is the variety of account types which you can choose for your trading. Each one gives you the opportunity to trade with over 200 assets including CFDs, Forex, commodities and cryptocurrencies. However, as you progress through these levels, you will notice the new benefits being added to your account. They include a direct line to your account manager, bonuses, alluring spreads and so much more. SecuredVC has made sure that each client feels valued and special, no matter which amount they are willing to deposit.

Speed of Response

Efficiency and speed are two of the most important features that the trading company needs to have. It’s simple – everything on the market is moving so fast, and you need to keep up in order to come out on top. This is one of the key features at SecuredVC, and it takes the shape in the most friendly and knowledgable customer support team we have ever got in touch with. Their ability to answer the customers’ queries in a timely and respectful manner is astonishing.

There are several methods of communication that you can use in order to get in touch with the agents. The most common one is the live chat option. This one is the easiest since you just need to type in your issue, and you will be connected with the agent in just a few seconds. Also, you can call them on the phone and explain your issue there. A lot of clients find this type of communication the most efficient since there is another person on the line listening to you and valuing your opinion.

SecuredVC Broker Review

If you are more of a visual learner, you will find the e-mail option the most suitable. The response usually comes in just a few hours, and you can go back and forth as long as you need to, and in as much detail as you wish.

Transaction Speed

The evolving trading market requires us to keep up if we want to gain profits. This requires the fastest possible execution of the trades on your account. This, of course, requires a lot of effort from the trading company itself, as well as a number of resources that will ensure speed and efficiency.

SecuredVC gives you a variety of options to fund your account and make a trade, but what’s more important here is how fast they are able to do so. Namely, this company took their time to research and assess the market requirements. As a result, they are able to provide their clients with some of the fastest transaction times available. This is quite encouraging, especially from a relatively new company. SecuredVC has the same goal as you – and that is to achieve the most during each trading day through fast executions and instant transactions.


The great thing about SecuredVC is that they ensure that all the information you need to know are transparent and regularly updated. This is especially important when it comes to fees and commissions. A lot of other companies on the market tend to hide these facts or avoid giving them to you straight. But at this company, everything is out in the open. You are clearly presented with all the fees and commissions that come with your transactions, so you can make a proper trading decision.

When you visit the website, you will find all the necessary information regarding this section. They include things like depositing and withdrawal conditions, as well as the commissions that come with them. Here, your deposits come free of charge, no matter the amount, which is great. However, the withdrawals require some additional fees, which is also standard for the industry. Here, however, the creators made sure to make things as easy as possible, which is why the company requires only a 1% fee for each of your withdrawal requests.

SecuredVC Broker Review


SecuredVC is a new company that is not yet regulated, but that doesn’t mean this fact won’t change in the future. However, the company is fully aware of the importance of regulation. Namely, regulation brings a whole another level of safety and reassurance for all the clients. When a certain regulatory body is in charge of the brand, they are making sure that the trading company is following all the necessary guidelines and regulatory frames that the market is imposing. This way, each client is protected from possible fraud or misuse while trading, which is quite important.

In the case of SecuredVC, however, there are other ways to keep them in check and make sure they are trustworthy. One of the most important ones is the many policies and documents, including the KYC policy. Short for Know Your Customer, this is an important piece of insurance for you as a client. It guarantees your safety when it comes to data and your funds, not to mention the greatest trading experience you can imagine.

Variety of Payment Options

As we mentioned already in this SecuredVC review, this broker gives you a lot of options in all its section. Thankfully, that includes the payment methods, as well. For all your depositing and withdrawing needs, you can choose between the credit and debit cards, bank wire transfer and the Bitcoin option. The last one has an instant processing time, which can only be expected from Bitcoin. On the other hand, credit cards can take up to a few hours, while the bank wire transfer option takes about 7 to 10 business days.

SecuredVC Broker Review

There is also a minimum withdrawal requirement of $100 ($250 for Bitcoin). For deposits, on the other hand, there aren’t any additional requirements or strings attached. In addition, one valuable feature that you can find here is the option of cancelling your withdrawal request. You can do so in just a few clicks, and your money will be back on your account. This way you can continue trading without any troubles!


At the end of our SecuredVC review, we have to point out several things. While the absence of any trading licence might discourage some, for those willing to try something new, there is much to love. The bold choices SecuredVC made in platform choice, a strong support system and a deep pool of educational resources mean they are ready to stand out in an already over-saturated online trading industry. A healthy mix of innovation and smooth overall performance means this brokerage has managed to attract many traders worldwide. Currently, there is only support in English and Thai, but after contacting their representatives, we were assured that multi-lingual support will be introduced in the upcoming months. This is one of many planned features, but in our opinion, there is no need to wait, as the current offer seems more than satisfying. With this philosophy of constant upgrade, we have no doubt that SecuredVC will become one of the top traders in the industry sooner rather than later.