Review of My Trading College Personalized Forex Courses

Review of My Trading College Personalized Forex Courses

Customized FX and CFD courses from My Trading College

Knowledge is power. There is no escaping this, it is a fact. This is especially true in the world of forex trading. While this industry is technically open to everyone, and anybody can just start investing blindly, achieving success in the long run requires much more devotion. All this starts by going back to school and learning the fundamentals. By continuously upgrading your skills and broadening your knowledge you stand a much greater chance of success.

The world of online trading is a complex one. It covers a very broad spectrum, from forex and commodities to CFD and leverage, all the way to trading alerts and market trends. In such a diverse system beginners can often feel lost, with no clue where to begin and what to prioritize. To combat this, there are numerous education providers that help traders find their way and properly start their trading career.

Review of My Trading College Personalized Forex Courses

Enrolling an online course is similar to taking a distance college class. You are presented with educational material such as eBooks, video on demand and other learning tools. Many providers create several courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced users. My Trading College is an excellent example of this. By offering three distinct courses, this education provider is able to attract all types of traders. This level of flexibility is highly desirable because it offers a low entry barrier for people who are still unclear whether they want to fully commit to the idea of becoming an online trader.

Choosing the starting point

My Trading College offers three personalized courses: Turtle, Whale and Shark. Despite having whimsical names, these packages include everything a person needs to become a successful trader. Below is a breakdown of all included features:

  • The Turtle

This personalized course is priced at a very respectable €250. This competitive price will no doubt attract many beginners. This is exactly who this package is intended for. It is recommended to start with eBooks. With more than 100 pages on offer, traders can grab hold of many fundamental trading concepts that they will be using on a daily level. Upon finishing, it’s best to move onto the video material. There is almost 2 hours of content depicting examples of what you learned in the eBooks. In addition to this, extra emphasis is placed on mastering three essential tools. Traders can learn how to use the Economic Calendar, Market News and the Glossary to their advantage.

  • The Shark

The aggressive title is quite appropriate here. Intermediate users need to learn about more complex topics in order to take their game to the next level. This is where trading psychology is essential. It can often be a challenge to trade with a level head. This personalized forex course teaches you about the most common pitfalls for traders. By knowing this, you can remain calm, and always trade logically and to your benefit. In addition to new written and video content, students can master more advanced tools that can help them create more complex trading strategies. These tools include Daily Analysis, Asset Trends and Live Signals.

  • The Whale

The Whale is the best My Trading College has to offer. It is one of the most comprehensive forex courses we have ever encountered. It covers the same topics as the previous two courses combined and takes it even further with the most advanced concepts that only top tier traders can profit from. Developing and testing professional trading strategies takes a lot of time and effort, and with the help of this course, it can be achieved with relative ease. While this package normally goes for €2,500, at the time of writing there is an amazing discount. Right now, it is possible to grab The Whale for just €1,000. Considering what you get in return, this is a steal.

Review of My Trading College Personalized Forex Courses

Assessing the quality

Prior to starting your trading education, it is vital to spend some time doing research. Not all educators offer the same quality of content, and this disparity is even more obvious in the world of forex trading. Always be mindful when selecting your courses and be on a lookout for these criteria:

  • Content Structure

Not all people take in content in the same way. While some may prefer to read, others can learn most easily by watching videos. A healthy balance is preferable. When those two types complement each other, all students can benefit from this. My Trading College does an excellent job in balancing all type of content across all of their forex personalized courses.

  • Teachers

 A good teacher can make all the difference in the world. By carefully dissecting any topic, they can raise attention in their students making learning a breeze. When taking forex courses this takes on a totally different approach. There is no 1on1 interaction, as most of these courses are one sided. Still, you can easily spot if the content is good enough for you. Start by closely monitoring the website for marks of flawed design, wild promises and grammatical errors. If the course providers were sloppy with something as trivial as this, you can be sure the education material will not be any better.

  • Time & Cost

Mastering a complex subject as forex trading should take up a significant portion of your time. If you see that the courses offer a small amount of content, you can be sure that it is copy pasted material and you should stay clear of those programs. We are not, by any means suggesting that you should overpay for your forex courses, but you need to be particularly suspicious when coming across a surprisingly cheap program. The old saying “you get what you pay for” applies here, and we feel that anyone who is serious about a career in trading should be cheap when it comes to proper education. My Trading College offers plenty of material in each of its three personalized courses so that anyone can start learning regardless of their budget.

  • Scams

Determining if some educators are scam can prove to be challenging, especially if the company hasn’t got a pedigree as was founded in recent years. In this case, there are two things you can do. First of all, do a quick Google check. Even if a company is new, if they are scammers, the internet will quickly fill with bad reviews. Next, you can scan the website for any outrageous promises. Like we previously mentioned, the world of Forex trading is incredibly complex, and there is no sure guarantee of success. If anyone is trying to convince you that you are bound for instant success, they probably have an ulterior motive. Educators like My Trading College remain level headed in their approach and would rather their students tell tales of success, rather than themselves.

Review of My Trading College Personalized Forex Courses

Choosing the right broker

In addition to proving an excellent education, My Trading College also emphasizes the importance of choosing the right broker for you. They do not play favourites and outright suggest one broker over another, but try to teach you what you need to look out for. There is an entire page dedicated to this process of selection. By emphasizing several key points, they are giving traders all the power and knowledge to choose a trustworthy broker that they can work within the long run. Defining your own skills, ambitions, budget, and your needs will be massively helpful. Then you need to consider things such as regulation, platform needs and preferences, end goals. With all of these things defined, you become capable of recognising and choosing a broker to fit all your needs. You can read more about this entire process at My Trading College dedicated page.

Review of My Trading College Personalized Forex Courses

Student support

When embarking on such a long journey, you will surely come across some barrier that you will need help with. Luckily, My Trading College shines in this department. While there is only one way to reach out to them, it is incredibly efficient. Students are encouraged to use the on-page form on the Contact Us page. Whenever we had any questions, no matter if it was of technical nature or in regard to the content, we were always hearing from their representative within the hour. Not only were they incredibly polite, but our issues were very quickly resolved. However, some students might prefer to talk things over the phone, and for now, they will be left wanting. This remains the only blemish in the otherwise superior customer service experience.

Bottom line

Deciding to devote a significant amount of time on self-improvement can be difficult. Luckily, once you have decided to start on this path, you will waste little time in deciding where to learn all the valuable skills. My Trading College remains our top choice for numerous reasons. Its professionalism and flexibility are second to none. Students are getting a top education at a reasonable price. Combined with an almost perfect support system, you will hardly get a better experience elsewhere. Our final score for My Trading College is 4.5/5. The perfect score is still within reach and will only require opening several phone lines for student comfort. Now the only thing left is for you to buckle down, start learning and begin your long journey as a forex trader.

Our score: 4.5/5