LondonGates Broker Review

londongates reveiw

LondonGates is a European based trading company that is appealing to many clients worldwide. It has many features and benefits that make is stand out from the crowd, such as a variety of tradeable assets, fast execution and smartest educational and trading tools known today. How did they achieve this kind of success?

Ever since the company was established back in 1986, LondonGates aimed towards including the widest variety of trading peers, both newcomers and trading experts. Their family of users today grows by the minute, and it is no surprise considering that they leave no man behind. Namely, at LondonGates you are able to achieve your trading goals no matter how big or impossible they may seem. LondonGates takes pride in its dedication towards the clients, as well as the ability to help them take their trading on the next level.

Keep reading this LondonGates review to find out why you should not discourage this trading company. In a few years, you will probably be happy you took your chance with them and put your trust in their hands. Year of experience, efficiency and knowledge of the trading world are just some of the many perks that you will have access to while trading with this company. Let’s see what else is in store for you if you choose them.

Quality of Service

The quality of service of any company mainly depends on the way they handle their everyday operations. In the case of a trading company, you should always check out their trading platform first. Because after all, this is the part of their website that will you use the majority of the time. So, what are the winning traits of a trading platform?

In LondonGates’ case, a trading platform should be user-friendly and designed in a perfect way. It is simple to use and quite appealing to the use. There are no flashy ads or misleading promises of this or that promotion or a bonus. Rather, it is only you and the trading platform, with all the key information to guide you on your trading path.

Furthermore, you will find that this trading platform offers over several hundred tradeable assets. They include top-leading CFDs, stocks, currency pairs and commodities. They are divided into sections with the same name, so you will be able to find your way around quite easily. In addition, by clicking on each one a whole new window will open for you on the right. Here you will see a handy colourful chart that shows the market performance of the asset in real-time, as well as key information about leverage, margin and other important data.

Another signal of a great quality of service is the variety of account types that you can find with a certain broker company. At LondonGates, you can choose between several levels of trading proficiency and invest in a trading package of your choice. And if you happen to wish to change it, you can do so by simply depositing more funds to your account. Each account package comes with additional benefits, perks and tools that you can use to advance your trading knowledge and experience, as well as create a wider portfolio with many more options for earning additional capital.

londongates review

Speed of Response

The customer support team of LondonGates is always available in some form. This is necessary especially considering that the markets are usually open 24/7. So, it is only logical to make your customer support team works like that as well. However, not a lot of companies tend to make such efforts. Luckily for us, however, LondonGates team is always reachable.

There are several ways to establish communication with them. The first that comes to mind is also the easiest one to use – the live chat option. You can find it at the bottom of the page, and after a single click, you can connect with an available agent in just a few seconds. After that, the friendly and approachable agent will be able to answer all your questions and address your concerns.

Then, there is the e-mail option that takes a bit longer to reply, which is standard. Still, the response will come within just a few hours, which is way above average in the industry. Also, there is the telephone number option, and the waiting times here are quite brief. We were able to connect with an agent in just a few minutes. And despite holding them on a line for a while, they were quite friendly and knowledgeable. Not to mention patient! This is everything you could ever ask for in a customer support agent.

londongates reveiw

Transaction Speed

The process of funding your account is simple and efficient, which is crucial for a great and successful trading journey. LondonGates is aware of that fact, and they have provided some of the widest selections of banking methods for this purpose. First, there is the credit and debit card option that takes a few business days to process. The waiting times can also depend on your bank’s policy, which is why you should check these details with their representatives.

Then, there is the bank wire transfer option, which is somewhat longer to process. Finally, there is a variety of e-wallets you can use. They are especially appealing to the wider population of traders since they take only a few minutes to be processed.


The regulatory information is one of the most important proofs of the company’s dedication to your success. That’s why LondonGates provides several levels of ensuring this kind of certainty. There is a wide variety of policies that the company applies to their daily operations, for several reasons. The first and the most obvious one is for making the clients feel safe and encouraged to give their based and invest all their time and knowledge into the process.

On the other hand, this helps the company to build trust and reputation, which is one of the main goals for any successful business. Hence, you will find that LondonGates provides safety and follow the regulatory frames and protocols each step of the way. This is useful for both sides, too. Namely, following the protocols will help a company acquire more clients and partners, while it also contributes to an improved trading landscape. Either way, there are no lacks or downsides to working under a licence, which is one of the many facts that make LondonGates one of the leaders in the trading community.

Education Tools

London Gates acknowledges the importance of education. They are welcoming to traders regardless of their prior experience, and they have created an education centre that houses valuable tools. These tools can be valuable to both beginners and experienced traders alike. The Glossary, Asset Index and F.A.Q. page are intended to explain trading fundamentals, while some more complex topics can be found in the eBooks section. Here you will be able to learn about Capital Marketing, Market Analysis, Advanced Strategies and many other topics. The best thing about this is that it is completely free. You can access all of this content without even opening an account. If you do decide to commit, there is much more behind the curtain. As we already mentioned, different account types hold different perks, and a lot of these are education-related. It starts with something as simple as daily market reviews, but also goes as far as webinars, trade room analyses, financial and risk management planning and much else. London Gates gives the tools you need to start building a successful portfolio, and the freedom to test and execute your own strategies.

londongates reveiw

Variety of Payment Methods

As we mentioned already, LondonGates clients get to enjoy some of the greatest varieties of banking options while trading. It should go without saying that the clients are advised to use the same payment method for deposits and withdrawals. This is another level of certainty and security for both the company and the clients. For example, if you used your MasterCard to fund your account, you should use the same method to make a withdrawal, as well. Aside from the credit and debit cards, you can also use a bank wire transfer that many consider as one of the safest payment methods out there. And for the folks that like to keep up with trends – there is a whole variety of e-wallets available at your disposal.