Green Tower Investments Broker Review 2021

Green Tower Investments Broker Review 2021

Making any kind of decision in the Forex industry is not an easy task. Sometimes the true impact of our decisions is revealed months or even years down the line. However, arguably the most important decision any broker can make is the first one. Choosing a good brokerage can be the difference-maker in determining your career in the online trading industry. This is why before making the big decision, you should always do your homework and research which brokerages are right for you.

Today, we will tell you about the latest brokerage that caught our eye. Green Tower Investments has been one of the most popular choices for traders in the past year. Their offering is pretty generous for both first-timers and industry veterans alike. In our review, we focus on all trading conditions GTI offers so that you know exactly what you are heading into. Be sure to check around some of our other reviews too to find the best brokerage for your needs.

Quality of Service

When entering the world of online trading for the first time, there are many unknowns you will be facing. This is the very reason many brokerages have tried to make this transition much smoother by offering different aids. Green Tower Investments offers four distinct account types. This was probably done to ensure that traders of all levels, backgrounds and budgets can enjoy trading. Despite the absence of the Demo account, for just €250 you get full access to the platform with more than 200 available assets. You also receive daily market reviews to keep you up to date with everything that is happening in the global markets.

If you want to upgrade, or simply have higher ambitions at the beginning, you can opt for one of the other three account types. They require minim deposits of €10,000, €25,000 and €100,000 respectively. With each comes an increasing number of benefits that include educational resources and many quality of life improvements. The latter include financial and risk management planning, webinars, daily reviews, trading signals, private analyst sessions and more. The former are mainly focused on getting you priority withdrawal or invites to VIP events. Some of these might seem more or less appealing to you personally. This is why we advise going to GTI Account types page and figuring out for yourself which is best suited for your needs.

If all of these still seem too complicated for you, do not worry, Greet Tower investment includes educational content intended for absolute beginners. You can find this on their website, and, all of it is completely free. You can master the fundamentals of the industry and the GTI platform, and even read numerous eBooks that cover a wide range of topics. We have to commend how these books were written. Then do a great job of taking elaborate concepts and bringing them down to a level that anybody can understand.

Green Tower Investments Broker Review 2021

Speed of Response

Having a bad support system is often the reason brokerage see a huge falloff of clients after several months. After our experiences, we do not believe that this will be the case with Green Tower Investments because they have built a strong system that was able to withstand anything we threw its way.

Getting in touch with their representatives is easy and can be done in several different methods. These include emails, call centres and even the quick chat feature. F.A.Q. page is also noteworthy, and we advise checking it our first because it is exceptionally deep. Whichever method you do end up using, you will be greeted with a polite and professional response that is also timely. Since Green Tower Investments does not offer 24/7 support, always be mindful of the working hours. Phone and Chat operators are available Monday to Friday 07:00 – 14:00 GMT.

Transaction Speed

Green Tower investments offer a web-based platform. This means it can be accessed with any device you have, which is a huge plus. Other alternatives do not offer anywhere near this level of flexibility. However, the thing that excited us the most was its performance. If you are used to Meta Trader, then you know the headache it can produce once it starts to slow down. With this platform, you will never encounter any lag. In fact, the performance of this platform was unlike anything we have seen so far.

Visually it is very pleasing and very easy to navigate. The left portion is reserved for the asset list, and it is organised into several categories including Forex, Crypto, Commodities, Indices and Stocks. Each asset has a small preview screen that holds vital information such as buy and sell price as well as the overall change in performance since the last session. If you wish, you can interact with each asset thanks to the real-time performance monitor on the right. Here you can perform different types of analyses in order to better understand, or even predict future trends. The only thing lacking is some advanced tools. However, you will find the essentials within this platform, so if you are anything but the most hardcore trader/analyst, you will not even notice the difference.

Green Tower Investments Broker Review 2021


This brokerage is pretty open about its fees and charges. You can read all about them in the terms and conditions portion of the website. In short, you can encounter some of the following: withdrawal fees, dormant account fees, event of default charges and overnight fees. If you are careful, you will be able to avoid most of these, so we always advise reading up on the legal documentation to know exactly what you are getting into.


Green Tower Investment is not a regulated brand, but it has implemented numerous policies to secure fund and client safety. Compliance, AML and KYC policies are just a few of these that are meant to ensure trader’s peace of mind. Based on our experiences, this brokerage is very trustworthy as there wasn’t a single occasion where we felt in danger of losing our data or our funds.

Variety of Payment Methods

To trade with GTI, you only need an opened account in a bank of your choosing. To fund your account you can use credit cards, debit cards or bank wire transfers. All of these provide the most amount of safety. While all deposits are almost instant, withdrawals are faced with some waiting times, but this is mostly dependant on your bank. Be sure to contact them and inform yourself about their policies to save yourself the headache later down the line.

Green Tower Investments Broker Review 2021


Green Tower Investments has proven to be a reliable brokerage with a lot to offer to traders of all levels. Its diverse offering and quality platform creates an excellent trading environment where pretty much anyone can upgrade their trading skills and create a successful portfolio. During our time trading, the only thing that bugged us was the absence of multi-lingual support. Once this gets improved, we have no doubt that Green Tower Investments will become one of the best brokerages in the industry.