Golden Gate Broker Review

Golden Gate Broker Review

Choosing a Forex broker plays a vital role in your trading journey. It’s a connection between you and the foreign exchange market, and that’s why you have to choose wisely. Actually, we can compare that search with putting the puzzle together. There are several pieces, and all of them need to be complementary and complete each other. That’s the only way to offer a decent service that can meet the needs of each trader.

So, let’s not spend any more time and go straight to the first piece of that puzzle — the quality of service. After that, we will move on to other things to see if Golden Gate managed to create a client-oriented business, with excellent trading conditions.

Golden Gate Broker Review

Quality of Service

If a Forex broker wants to become the best it has to provide a wide variety of tradable assets. They need to be from different asset classes, so each client gets an opportunity to choose according to preferences. Golden Gate apparently streams towards success and that’s why you will find over 200 tradable assets on the list. No matter the account, you can choose every single one of them.

On that list, you will find Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Stocks, Indices, and Commodities. The selection is excellent, but what occupied the most of our time is Cryptocurrencies. In most cases, there are two options — Bitcoin and Ethereum. But, with Golden Gate, things are a little bit different. This broker also offers BitcoinCash, Litecoin, Tether, and XRP and that’s what we call a good selection.

Golden Gate Broker Review

Apparently, the first part of service quality went excellent, but it’s time to see the place where you can actually trade all those assets — the platform. Unlike other brokers, who seek the easiest and most usual solutions, Golden Gate omitted MetaTrader. Here, you will have a unique trading platform that doesn’t require apps or downloads. We are talking about a web-based option, that’s optimized and responsive. There are no interruptions and errors, so you can trade completely stress-free.

Another important thing we need to mention before we explain all platform features is that you won’t have to worry about safety. The platform is completely secured, and your money is safe. So, that’s one less thing on your mind.

The interface is completely user-friendly. You will find a way to navigate through it even if it’s your first time visiting, and if you already have an experience, then you know how good everything looks thanks to the three main columns.

The first column has all those things that will help you with account management. For example, you can deposit and withdraw money or contact customer support directly from the platform. The second column is dedicated to tradable assets. Here, you can arrange the assets by daily change, name, or popularity. Also, you will be able to switch through trading classes and choose the one you want to trade with. Once you select the desired asset, the third column will appear and you will see a chart with all trading tools.

That chart is neatly-done and the best thing of all, it’s fully customizable. So, if you don’t like a specific detail, simply change it. This platform is completely subordinated to clients and if there is anything you find annoying, it’s prone to change. That said, you can change the chart type, interval, indicators, label, and many other things.

It’s obvious we spend a lot of time on the platform, but trust us, once you start arranging it’s hard to stop. Our experience is excellent and if you are tired of simple solutions and you are looking for a refreshment, Golden Gate offers the perfect one.

Golden Gate Broker Review

The last part of service quality we want to mention is education. You have no idea how important it is to provide learning materials to clients, and we were relieved once we saw Golden Gate has a separate Educational Center.

No matter the account, you will get some level of education. Of course, people with VIP accounts can count on more webinars and events, but overall, you will get a decent amount of learning material and that’s the most important thing. Even if you are not a registered user, you can count on eBooks, Glossary, Asset Index, and FAQ.

Glossary will help you with the most important terms in the Forex market, Asset Index can give you information about specific assets you want to trade, while Frequently Asked Questions contains some of the most usual answers and if you require assistance, check this page first. It’s most likely that you won’t have a need to contact support after that.

An eBook section will teach you everything. From basic things such as CFDs or how to trade to capital management and strategy creation. Nothing is left out and imagine what this broker prepared for registered users if visitors can enjoy all of those things we just mentioned.

Needless to say, the service quality met all our expectations. We got a top-notch trading platform, excellent educational material, and an impressive list of tradable assets. So, it’s time to move on to other pieces of this Forex puzzle and see if they are equally good.

Golden Gate Broker Review

Speed of Response

All those things we reviewed previously are in vain if a prober cannot create a professional and knowledgeable support team. Yes, FAQ pages contain almost every answer you can imagine, but it’s inevitable that you ask for assistance from time to time.

Golden Gate implemented different options for contact, which means clients have options to choose according to their preferences. If you are a chatty person, you can use the phone line for Australia and the United Kingdom and talk to agents directly. If not, there is an online form, Live Chat, or email option at disposal. Our favorite is always a Live Chat, especially when we have some simple questions and we want to receive and answer the fastest possible.

Of course, we used it to see if someone will answer immediately and we have to say, customer support works flawlessly. An agent was polite, full of knowledge, and ready to assist us until we found a solution. So, if you have any questions just reach out to them without hesitation.

Golden Gate Broker Review

Transaction Speed

There is not much to tell here, actually. Deposits are instant and that’s great while withdrawals take a while. Depending on the account, there is a different prioritization level. Also, this broker took care of fund security, so you have to go through some safety processes that take a while. Overall, it will take from seven to ten business days from money to reach your bank account if you do not have level one prioritization.


It’s practically impossible to find a Forex broker that doesn’t charge any commissions. So, we have a task to find the one that charges the bare minimum. And guess what, we just did. Golden Gate doesn’t add fees on deposits and withdrawal ones are very low.

The one thing we appreciate the most is the fact that the whole commission list is on the website and if you just take a look at the terms and conditions, nothing will surprise you in the future. This broker is completely transparent, and that’s something we don’t see every day.


Although regulation is important, we need to emphasize it’s not a mandatory thing. Instead of looking for it at every place you want to trade, pay attention to other details as well. Just because someone has a license, it doesn’t mean it’s a good place for trading.

Let’s take Golden Gate as an example. This broker doesn’t have a license, but it does provide excellent conditions for trading. In addition to that, it’s a completely client-oriented company that will do anything to make its clients satisfied and that’s the most important thing in Forex. You need to find a broker that will be there for you if you have any problems.

Variety of Payment Options

If you decide to open an account at Golden Gate, you will have three options for a deposit. Credit Card, Bank Transfer, and eWallet. None of them has any requirements, so it’s totally up to your preferences to choose the method. If you do not have a digital wallet, simply go with the Credit Card option and save yourself from trouble.

The payment process is very simple, and you will be done in just a few steps. You can deposit from the account page or go to the trading platform. Different options are available for your convenience and the only requirement is to use the same method for both deposits and withdrawals, that’s it.

Golden Gate Broker Review

The Bottom Line

We are glad to finish this Golden Gate review by saying that all puzzle pieces fit perfectly. Together, they make an excellent broker that we can recommend anytime. The level of innovation and execution of already established ideas make Golden Gate such an attractive package. In addition, their education centre allows traders of all levels to partake in online trading. The only thing bringing it down at this point would be that support comes in only two languages: English and German. Once they are able to upgrade their services to support additional languages, we have no doubt that Golden Gate will become increasingly attractive to traders across the globe. Their genius idea to build a beginner-friendly platform will appeal to everyone trying to step into the world of online trading for the first time. Experienced traders, on the other hand, will still have plenty of tools to perfect their trading strategies, thus making this package complete. If you are still unsure what your next brokerage should be, Golden Gate would definitely be a safe bet.