FXVC Broker Review

FXVC Broker Review 2020

How does FXVC stand out in the crowd of many similar trading brokers in today’s market landscape? There are many features and benefits that immediately attracted our attention to FXVC. This is a Global broker that was established back in 2014 and has served nothing but the highest of standards not only for themselves but for the competitors as well. Because their goal isn’t simply to make money and be done with it. Rather, they have a higher dream in mind, and that is to create a safer and more exciting trading environment for all.

How do they manage to do that? FXVC is not afraid to try many different things that are coming up on the market, especially when it comes to innovations. That way, they combine the traditional approaches that work with the new things that are still unknown but showing a lot of promise. This formula is definitely working since it was able to put FXVC on top spots when it comes to trusting brokers in the industry.

In this FXVC review, we will try to crack that code and explain why FXVC is unlike any other broker you’ve encountered so far. So, keep reading!

Quality of Service

The number one goal for FXVC is to includes as many types of clients as possible. That includes people of different origins, educational backgrounds and other features that make us who we are. A big part of that is trading psychology, which is one of the most important factors that can affect your everyday trading. FXVC cherishes these differences, so the more you have to bring to the table – the better. This company takes your unique features to help you create a winning strategy. Because, there is nothing exciting at being like everyone else, right?

FXVC also aims to connect different, sometimes unexpected business ventures in order to improve the trading landscape, as well as other activities. One of the best examples of that is the fact that FXVC is a platinum partner and sponsor of the Leeds United Football Team. These guys are one of the most prominent and successful football teams in the game. They are also the champions of the Second European Football League, so maybe that’s why the name sounds familiar.

FXVC Broker Review

But what’s even more important is their dedication to creating a better and more compassionate world. This includes both business activities and other parts of life. The clearest example of that is the Leeds’ decision to donate all of their club’s earnings toward the COVID-19 research. This generous move wasn’t even made by much more successful and richer clubs in the game, such as Barcelona.

When you put it like that, it is no surprise that this surprising and unexpected partnership works quite well. The clients over the globe are mesmerized by this incredible move, and it is only natural that they would want to join in on the action. This is the basis of FXVC’s appeal and quality of service – a constant dedication to helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

Speed of Response

FXVC acknowledges the fact that in today’s fast-paced world of trading, the clients want only what’s best. And that includes the most efficient possible customer service. Many brands out there tend to forget how important this part of their business is. As a result, they leave their clients feeling neglected and unimportant when they take forever to reply to their queries.

FXVC is different. They understand how important it is to keep in touch, which is why they have included as many communication channels as possible. The most obvious choice for the majority of the clients is the live chat. This option is able to connect you with the available agent in just a few seconds, and there are no delays in their responses. If you are a more traditional type, you can also take advantage of the e-mail option, or rather fill out a form on the website that you can find on the Contact Us page. These two options are quite similar, and both take up to 24 hours to receive a response.

FXVC Broker Review

Lastly, there are no less than 3 phone numbers which you can use to contact their agents directly. There are no waiting times here as well, and you can use this option if you are calling from the UK, Cyprus or Sweden.

Transaction Speed

Fast execution of trades is a given when you are trying to provide satisfaction for the clients in their trading experience. FXVC is constantly working to improve this option in many ways. But one other thing that is quite important aside from speed is safety. These two features go hand in hand, and one cannot exist without the other. That’s why FXVC is always improving the ways you can engage with the trading platform in order to ensure the safety of your data and funds. For that purpose, they have ensured the SSL encryption and other measure and high-tech solutions for each execution. When it comes to the speed, the processing times for your requests are instant no matter which payment option you choose. This is quite a refreshing surprise, especially considering that not all options are as efficient as the clients would hope.

Education Resources

FXVC takes trader education very seriously. Their education hub is the most comprehensive one we have ever seen. All content is divided into two categories. The first is available from the get-go. Without opening an account you can learn trading fundamentals through the Glossary and an elaborate eBook library. Here you can start learning about everything related from the ground up, or level up your trading game if you had some previous experience in the field. The second wave of content becomes available once you register at FXVC. Now you get access to tools that are designed to keep you in touch with all the current trading news as well as some advanced analyses from the analytics department. Market Buzz and the Economic calendar are probably the two most useful additions. With these, you can carefully plan out your trading strategy with all the current and future events in mind. The level of insight you receive with these “Buzz tips” is excellent due to its usefulness and ease of interpretation.

FXVC Broker Review


In the spirit of keeping your trading experience as enjoyable as possible, FXVC has provided the lowest possible fees and commissions for all your transactions. The details about this part can be found on the Payments and Fees page on the company’s website. In addition, here you can find the conditions for deposits and withdrawals for each payment method, which makes things a lot easier.

As you can see by visiting this page, the deposits come with no fees whatsoever, no matter which payment option you choose. This is quite encouraging and shows big effort from FXVC to make their company inclusive and equal for all. For the withdrawals, on the other hand, things are a bit different. However, keep in mind that this is standard, considering that the withdrawals depend on your bank and many other factors on the market. So, for each payment method you choose for withdrawal, there is a minimum of $35 fee. This depends on the amount you wish to withdraw, of course.


Unlike the majority of other brands on the market that don’t even bother getting a proper licence, FXVC takes pride in having one of the most reputable ones. The company is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, or CySEC for short. This regulatory authority is one of the strongest and most strict in Europe, so they do not take any mishaps lightly.

FXVC Broker Review

CySEC regularly updates its regulatory frames when it comes to trading fairly, and it expects from its brands to do the same. And if it happens that a company isn’t following through with their promises or respecting the rules of the market, they will be fined quite harshly. As you can see, it is in the company’s best interest to follow these rules. As for the clients, they can only benefit from trading with the companies that are regulated by CySEC, such as FXVC.

When trading with a regulated company, there is a lot of certainties that you otherwise would not have with other brands. And considering how unpredictable trading is, every bit of certainty sure counts as an advantage, right? That’s why you don’t have to worry about these things with regulated companies. If you happen to hit an obstacle or have an issue with them, you can always contact the governmental body that will deal with these things for you and find the best possible solution.

Variety of Payment Options

As we mentioned above, FXVC offers some of the widest selections of payment options for your deposits and withdrawals. This is quite an encouragement for the clients. Are you a more traditional type that likes to use the bank wire transfer? Or do you prefer your payments to be processed instantly? In that case, there are a lot of e-wallets at your disposal, as well.

FXVC Broker Review

For both deposits and withdrawals, you can use your credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard and Maestro. They are all able to process your requests instantly – courtesy of FXVC. There is also the bank wire transfer option, that could take up to 2 business days in some cases, but that is also normal. As for the e-wallets, we were pleasantly surprised to find some of the most various options. From Neteller, Skrill and even PayPal, you are destined to find your funding match at FXVC.

To conclude this FXVC review, we are pleased to recommend this broker for all your trading needs. FXVC has it all – a great trading platform and a lot of trading instruments to choose from. All in all, the company deserves the recognition and the great reputation it has.