FX On Us Broker Review

FX On Us Broker Review

Fx On Us is not exactly what you would call a trustworthy broker. First, they are not regulated, which should be enough of a telling sign. However, they go even further by trying to convince that this isn’t a bad thing at all. And though there are some brands that are able to regulate their own business operations through policies and other types of documents, Fx On Us certainly isn’t one of them.

This company has created quite a few mishaps in the trading community since being established just two years ago. As a result, the clients are advised to steer clear of this broker entirely. Let’s dive deeper into this Fx On Us review and learn to recognize a dodgy broker when you see one.

Quality of Service

This company claims to have a MT4 platform lined up for its clients, which is unlikely. Namely, when a company is not regulated like Fx On Us, they are not able to provide a safe and reliable platform to its clients. So, this is another alarming fact to consider about this company. And if you still doubt in its functionality, you will be disappointed to learn that the platform takes forever to load. It is not at all appealing or user-friendly as advertised on the website.

FX On Us Broker Review

The platform should be able to give you access to around 470 tradeable assets, which is the biggest number we have ever seen. Same goes for leverage which is 500:1 – a highly unrealistic goal if you ask us. Overall, this section is not at all satisfying or up to our standards, despite being available on all devices and operating systems.

Speed of Response

The customer support crew at Fx On Us is easy to reach through e-mail or telephone. However, when you try clicking on the live-chat option which is usually the most appealing one, you will only be advised to reach them through the e-mail since they are temporarily unavailable.

However, a lot of the clients had trouble getting rid of the agents after a few trades. Namely, they would call them non-stop with the offers about new promotions and badge them until they gave in and invested again and again. So much for free will, right?

Transaction Speed

Fx On Us seems to be taking quite a lot of time to process your requests for transactions. Namely, no matter which option for banking you choose, you will have to wait up to 5 business days to be processed. This is quite a lot of time to wait, especially for e-wallets which only take a few minutes. We can only assume that their team uses this time to check if everything is in order regarding your identification and other information. However, this is not confirmed anywhere on the website.

FX On Us Broker Review


In theory, there are no additional costs to any of your transactions. Whether you wish to make a deposit or a withdrawal, you will have no fees attached, regardless of the amount. However, this is only in theory. There are several clients’ complaints that we have encountered during our research. They are mostly regarding the fees that some customers had to pay during their time trading, without a solid explanation about it anywhere on the website.


With an unregulated company such as Fx On Us, you can never be sure what you’re in for. There is a lot of information missing about it as well. We were only able to confirm their address which is located on Marshall Islands – a popular off-shore area for trading companies that do not comply with the industry rules.

Variety of Payment Options

There are several payment options you can choose for funding your account or withdrawing money from it. There is the bank wire transfer option which is considered as more traditional one. Then, you can choose the debit or credit cards including Master, Maestro and Visa. Finally, there is a few e-wallets as well, and a Bitcoin wallet option which is the most appealing to the majority of the clients.

FX On Us Broker Review