College For Trading Review 2021


Daily knowledge improvement is important in every segment of our lives, especially in the Forex market. Proper education will help you make smarter decisions and upgrade your trading skills. Due to that, you need to find someone who will teach you every important thing about trading, just like College for Trading does.

This is a website full of different courses and webinars. You can choose different plans and decide what is the proper amount of courses for you. Since many people have a great experience with this website, we decided to choose our plan and see what kind of education is offered. There is one thing we can say straight away, College for Trading is created by professional traders and that is more than obvious. We had nothing but a pleasant experience on our learning journey, so let’s share all those details with you.


Quality of Service

The service includes different plans that you can choose, depending on your current experience. But, there is one thing we have to say at the very beginning. Here, you can open an account completely for free and enrol in one introduction course, read one eBook and see one market research. This is an excellent option to see if College for Trading is the right place for you and if you get interested, you can switch to other plans.

There are three other plans to choose from and each has a different price. The Bronze one costs only $250 and within it, you will have five introduction courses, one in-depth course, four eBooks and three market research. This can help you a lot and we believe this is more than enough for the price you pay.

Of course, for more experienced Forex traders, College for Trading prepared Gold and VIP plans. They are both good, but our personal favourite is VIP. The Gold one costs $450 and it gives you seven introduction courses, four in-depth courses, eight eBooks and five market research. This sounds great, but if we compare it to the VIP plan, the price difference is only $50, since the VIP plan costs $500. But the things you will have in the VIP plan are much better since you can count on five introduction courses, nine in-depth courses, eleven eBooks and six market research. As you can see, things are clear here and if you ask us for recommendations, we would go with the VIP one, without any hesitation.

There is one other thing that we need to mention. If you choose to open an account at College for Trading, there is no need to put pressure on yourself and complete those courses within a month. You will have twelve months to complete them, so take your time, go through all of them with proper attention and make sure to really learn everything since those courses are very beneficial.


Speed of Response

Support is not a crucial thing when it comes to websites like this, but it is important to have someone who will help you make better decisions about courses and plans or simply be there for you if there are any misunderstandings.

Apparently, College for Trading understands that and that’s why you can choose how you want to reach out to their support. There is an option to call the phone number, send an email or simply fill an online form on the website and send your question.

Of course, we tested one of those methods and sent an email with some questions that interested us. The reply came back the same day, containing all explanations we could possibly need. So, we can assure you that if you need anything, College for Trading provides an excellent support centre and their representatives will be at your disposal.


Transaction Speed

So far, it’s clear that College for Trading provides excellent service. That said, transaction speed shouldn’t be an issue. Everything works without errors, transactions are fast and the whole process is simple.

It’s up to you to choose the plan, open an account and pay the amount for that plan. As soon as you do that, all those courses will be at your disposal. So, as we expected there were no issues here and you can count on fast service.


You can already tell what our impressions are about College for Trading. This website is excellent, you will have top-notch education and most certainly you will be able to improve trading skills. So, if you are wondering if you should spend your time enrolling in those courses, our answer is yes.