Chelsea Investments Broker Review 2021

Chelsea Investments Broker Review 2021

Chelsea Investment might seem just like another brokerage. However, once you start scratching under the surface you will start noticing how it managed to catch the eye of many traders worldwide. In our review, we aim to share our experiences after several weeks of trading. We will address all the highs and lows we encountered.

Their homepage is very neatly designed. There is no clutter of unnecessary information or self-boasting. You will only find highlights of some of their more prominent features. We liked this reserved approach that puts functionality front and centre. This design philosophy is prominent throughout our trading journey. Be sure to stick around until the end to learn all about our discoveries. You can also read more about some of the other reviews here.

Quality of Service

Chelsea Investments offers four distinct account types that vary greatly in their asking price and feature the return offer. Not all traders have the same ambitions, needs or budgets, and this brokerage has tried to diversify its offering as much as possible to seem more appealing to all types of traders. The only thing that bothered us was the absence of the Demo account. This trend is present throughout the industry but is still no excuse. Chelsea Investments can be partially forgiven due to its low asking price for the Basic account – only €250.

For that price, you get everything you need to start your journey – access to a potent platform with more than 200 tradable assets, starting leverage of up to 100 and a daily market review. The latter is very important because it keeps you up to date with all the market news and events. When you want to upgrade, you can choose between the Silver, Gold and Platinum account. These wary greatly in their offering we advise inspecting their features carefully before fully committing.

These accounts require minimum deposits of €10,000 and €25,000 respectively. Benefits you receive mostly fall under two categories: education and ease of use. The former includes financial and risk management planning, webinars, daily market reviews, trading signals. The former contains dedicated senior account managers, prioritized withdrawal process, trade room analysis and much more. To make the best use out of these, you are assumed to possess some knowledge of the industry. If you do not possess this, do not worry. There is a section dedicated to complete beginners, and best of all, it is completely free.

Here you can master trading fundamentals with the help of the Glossary and Asset index. Once you read all the available eBooks you will possess the necessary knowledge to take on bigger trading challenges. The Platinum account presents the top of that Chelsea Investments has to offer. You get pretty much the same perks as before, but in their ultimate form. The only notable addition is access to lucrative VIP events. With all this in mind, it should be a no-brainer for all high volume traders.

Chelsea Investments Broker Review 2021

Speed of Response

Reaching a Chelsea Investments representative is very easy thanks to numerous communication channels. Based on your preference, you can either write an email, call the call centre or interact with the Quick chat feature. Behind all of these is a team of competent and polite professionals that were able to handle everything we threw at them. They always took extra time to make sure we resolved our issues to the end. The best thing is that the waiting times are practically non-existent. Chelsea investments seem to have employed enough staff members to run one of the most competent customer support systems we have ever seen.

Transaction Speed

When discussing any brokerage, its trading platform is without a doubt the most important part. Chelsea Investments has developed from the ground up to its web-based platform. This is a good idea because of two key things – flexibility and performance. You can access it from anywhere on this planet with any device that is connected to the internet. You are not bound by a single computer, but rather, you can make additions and alterations to your trading strategy and portfolio anywhere on the go.

Performance is the other thing we need to address. If you have traded before, it was probably on a platform such as Meta Trader or something similar. When making the switch, you will be surprised to find out just how much more Chelsea Investments solutions is elegant, stable and quicker. These qualities are very important in a quick-paced industry. You can navigate the asset list easily and even interact with each asset on the real-time performance monitor. Here you can see the past and present performance and perform different types of analysis. The range of tools is decent but not impressive. You will find all the fundamentals here, but not the most advanced ones. We imagine this was the sacrifice that needed to be made to attain performance and stability. In our minds, this trade-off was well worth it.

Chelsea Investments Broker Review 2021


Chelsea Investments has no hidden fees and charges. They are very transparent about it, as you can read in the terms and conditions. We always advise reading up these legal materials, because if you read them thoroughly, you will realise the way you can avoid most of these costs. In essence, traders are subjected to overnight fees, withdrawal fees, event of default charges and dormant account fees. If you are careful enough, you will only be facing withdrawal fees, which are pretty low when compared with Chelsea Investments closes competitions.


Many people will be immediately put off by the fact that this is an unregulated brand. We are here to tell you that there is no reason to worry. Chelsea Investments has implemented many solutions in order to secure client safety first and foremost. Compliance, AML and KYC are just a few of those. We cannot fault Chelsea Investments for this practice given how common it is in this industry. There is no knowing whether they will become fully regulated in the future, but for now, they are a pretty legit business that gave us no reason to worry.

Variety of Payment Methods

Funding your account on Chelsea Investments is extremely easy. If you have an opened bank account, you are set to go. In order to make withdrawals and deposits, you can use your credit or debit cards, or alternatively wire transfers. It is a shame that there are no crypto payment methods at the moment, but after speaking to one of their representatives, he assured us this feature can be expected in the near future. Speed of these transactions also needs to be commended, as most of them were near-instant.


Chelsea Investments has quickly grown into one of the most popular solutions for traders of all levels. If you are on the lookout for a new brokerage or are simply considering giving online trading a shoot, you will not go wrong with Chelsea Investments. Given the state of the global markets, it is an excellent time to jump into the thick of with a legitimate and trusted broker like this one.