CFDadvanced Review 2021 – What makes them trustworthy?


Before starting this CFDadvanced review, I would like to share that there are many companies worldwide that offer online forex trading services. These companies provide their customers with different kinds of financial services like the provision of information about currency exchange rates, the provision of online access to purchase and sell currencies with real-time pricing etc. But all these companies do not provide equal kinds of services to their customers. Some offer a great variety of services to their customers while some offer very few. These companies offering forex services are called foreign exchange brokerages.  It is a common opinion of traders that joining one of these firms is very profitable and it’s a safer way of making a profit rather than doing it all by themselves.

Forex brokerages usually accept clients based on their history, financial stability and also the type of account that is managed for the client. There are many types of accounts available with forex brokerage firms. One such account is a demo account in which you can do all the live trading activities without risking your actual money. There is a minimum deposit amount needed to open a demo account and you will have to fill out an application form. Once your account is activated after checking by the accounts department, you can start trading as much as you want without having any limits.


Once you are familiar with live markets you can move to a live trading account. You can deposit your own money in this kind of account by sending it directly through online banking or you can make the payment through credit card, debit card etc.

The third type of account is called a margin account which allows you the trader to borrow money from the broker for trading purposes. This is usually done without having collateral security but there are some brokers that ask the trader to provide the collateral like gold jewellery etc to get a loan for forex trading.  Forex brokerages charge different kinds of fees and commissions from their customers based upon the volume of trade is executed. The more volume being traded the lesser fee charged by the brokerage company on a per-lot basis otherwise higher commission would be charged on each transaction by brokerage companies.


CFDadvanced is one such brokerage that has managed to hearts of many traders throughout the world. It has a very simple registration process that can be filled by anyone easily. There are no hidden charges or commissions being charged from anyone who avails of their services. in this CFDadvanced review, we will see some of the more important points related to forex brokerages and how CFDadvanced is different from others.

But first, let me introduce myself. I am a trader who has been using forex brokerage services for some time now. I had a long experience of trading on traditional markets and also on some other online markets as well. But when I first visited CFDadvanced website and checked out their services, I was very impressed to see that they offer such great services and more than that they charge low commissions at all from the traders who want to use their services.  I was new to online forex trading and heard that it is very risky and unreliable but after reading CFDadvanced reviews and getting in touch with them I got the reality of this business. After availing of their services, I am more than happy with their wonderful services and also I love the way they treat new traders. They offer guidance free of cost to everyone who wants to trade on global markets like Forex etc. There are some other brokers offering such kind of service but these brokerage firms charge a considerable amount of fee from traders for providing them such type of help otherwise its all free here at CFDadvanced


One major advantage is that they do not charge any commission on the opening of an account. Every new client can open an account without paying any amount to them for this service, however, there is a small initial deposit amount.  Another important aspect of CFDadvanced is that it provides a very smooth trading platform so far as technical aspects are concerned. They have their servers installed at many places which means you will get good connectivity no matter wherever you are located in the world. They provide some very fast execution speeds on your trades and also have multiple dealing desks working 24X5 for serving their clients better. 

I love how they have a very simple and easy to use website that can be used by anyone without any special training. Their servers are highly encrypted which means your funds and other important transactions data is completely secured from any kind of unauthorized access from anywhere in the world.

Salient features

CFDadvanced reviews global protocols and provides many safe trading methods for its clients. They offer all types of trading instruments along with a number of different kinds of order execution modes so that traders can choose the best one at their convenience. They have a very good customer support team who are ready to answer all your queries related to forex brokerages within minutes so you need not wait for long hours on call waiting queues like most traditional banks. We will now check out some more features related to different aspects of this forex brokerage company.

1- They also provide their clients with some very unique services like virtual account for testing purpose, demo account for practising before trading real funds and many more things that are not available with most traditional brokers

2- Another important aspect is that CFDadvanced offer some very attractive forex trading special deals and schemes from time to time so that traders can benefit a lot through these deals. If you want to know more about such types of deals then visit their official website often as they will also advertise all their upcoming specials there

3-This brokerage company provides its clients with highly flexible working hours which means you do not have to remain fixed for certain timings as this company works 24X5 throughout the year.   You can access their account and place your orders at your convenience. You will find a similar opinion of traders in most CFDadvanced reviews online on different websites in this regard.

4-One major thing that I found with them was that they do not charge any extra amount on bank wire transfers done through international banks and other similar means. This is really a good point for those traders who want to invest big amounts in a short span of time but cannot afford to pay high commission charges for such transactions


5-They also offer some very attractive incentives and bonuses to their clients as per their trading volumes. This is done in order to retain their long term business relationship with traders.  They are continuously looking at ways of serving you better so that you remain with them for a longer time period which means they take care of all your interests.

6-They have very good rates of execution which means you can enjoy a superior quality of trades done by their multiple dealing desks 24X5 throughout the week and also they offer you some very fast order execution speeds so that you enjoy more benefits from your trades as early as possible.

CFDadvanced comes under the category of Internet-based forex brokerage companies which means this is not a traditional brokerage company who are in the business for many years but it is an online forex broker start-up firm that has started its operations only a few months back. But they already have made a good name among all other top-rated brokers out there through their professional approach towards handling clients money matters. And you must have seen that in this CFDadvanced review.

Some downsides

As you know that any product from the market has both good and bad sides. The same is the case with this company as well. So here we will discuss some of those things which I found not so good about this brokerage firm

  1. They do not have a separate section or forum on their website where traders can interact with each other and discuss different issues related to trading etc. They should think about adding such sections soon. This would be very beneficial for them as it would help them better understand what traders expect from them and thus they can work towards achieving those expectations

2-Also as per my experience, I found that their spreads are a little high when compared to those offered by other well-established firms in this business. So they should focus more to bring their spreads at par with other online forex brokers

3-As per my experience, I have noticed that due to itself CFDadvanced platform works slow sometimes which can be a little annoying but still you can find similar issues with most of the other brokerage companies as well so all we can say is that this company needs to work a little bit more in that regard

This was it for my CFDadvanced review. I hope it helps you all.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.