Carter Williams Broker Review 2021

Carter Williams Broker Review 2021

Being a new kid on the block is hard enough, especially in today’s market environment. Things are more unpredictable than ever in all areas of our lives, and the world of finance is no different. It is imperative now more than ever before to introduce smart, reliable, and cutting-edge solutions for all the clients that will reassure them when it comes to their financial independence and future stability. Our focus lately has been precisely on these kinds of brands, that are new but still able to attract a wider audience. How do they do it? In this Carter Williams review, we will show you exactly the way this is achieved, but don’t take it lightly! Not a lot of companies are able to do this, which is why we were even more curious about Carter Williams and its ability to thrive despite difficult conditions on the market that we are all currently facing. In this kind of environment, Carter Williams is able to bring something new and exciting to the table – without having to deal with unnecessary clutter or misleading information that is present in the trading society now more than ever. How does Carter Williams fit into this picture as a newcomer? Stick around to see.

The team that created this company has been around in the trading world for quite a while – which is another layer of assurance if you ask us. The creators have been present for long enough to see a lot of innovations as well as some mishaps that haunted the trading world. But don’t let that discourage you – Carter Williams will always tell you like it is. It was clear to us from the very first time visiting their website that they don’t mess around. This company is an open book, and all you need to do is pull out your reading glasses and enjoy the ride! Carter Williams is working hard on building its reputation in the most unflattering conditions – especially today, with huge market volatility and an ever-changing environment that is sometimes difficult to keep track of. But worry not – because we created this Carter Williams review precisely for that reason. We are making sure that you are updated with the latest news, as well as giving you a unique insight into new trading companies that you should watch out for – good and bad sides included. 

Quality of Service

When we talk about the quality of service at any trading company, we are talking about the full package that this company provides. This includes things and sections such as the trading platform, the customer support team, and the speed and security of the payment methods… you name it. All these features are something that you need to take into consideration regardless of which company we are talking about – a newcomer or a well-established one. Simply, these are the things that you are required to cover and learn about in order to ensure the best possible trading experience for you and your portfolio.

Carter Williams Broker Review 2021

So, let’s talk a bit about the trading platform at Carter Williams. When we first visited it, we were astonished to learn about how easy it is to scroll through and navigate between different sections of the page. There is no unnecessary information or flashy banners promising one promotion or the other – it is just you and your trading platform, whichever way you decide to use it. It’s quite simple to use all the features that are available, including various trading signals, tools, and other analytic materials that will help you build a successful trading strategy. Next, you should also keep in mind that the platform is loading perfectly and without any delays. It is also available for all devices and operating systems, so you won’t have to worry about using your tablet, iPad, or iPhone – you will be good to go either way!

Carter Williams Broker Review 2021

As you can see, this company provides over 200 assets in total for your trading experience. First, there are many stocks of the most prominent companies in the world including Tesla, Google, and Facebook. Then, you can also trade CFDs which are always a good idea, considering that you don’t actually own the asset in question – you are just speculating on its price! So, this takes away a lot of the pressure, especially for the clients who are just joining the market for the first time. Then, the Forex market is always brewing with new possibilities and ideas. Aside from the innovations, you can also indulge in trading the traditional currency types and pairs we all heard of, such as EUR/USD or USD/JPY.

Then, we should also draw your attention to the cryptocurrency market, which is definitely hitting new highs no one thought possible. Despite a tough last year due to the COVID-19 outbreak, digital currencies were able to make their mark in the financial world and hit their record highs for several months in a row. This rage is still going on – so watch them perform in real-time directly on the Carter Williams platform! Speaking of, here you can always keep updated with the latest in the entire market landscape, no matter which trading asset interests you at the moment.

Speed of Response

The customer support team at Carter Williams is pretty solid when it comes to their speed of replying. They are available through many channels, so whichever one you choose you won’t be mistaken. The most commonly used one is definitely the live chat option since their agents are available 24/7 here and will reply to your query in just a few seconds. Then, the telephone number option is also a good idea, but it will take them a bit longer to get back to you because the lines are almost always busy. The e-mail option will bring you a reply within 2 business days, which is solid. Lastly, if none of these options seem appealing to you, you can always try finding the answer for yourself on the Frequently Asked Questions page, which is regularly updated with new information.

Transaction Speed

The speed of your transactions being completed is pretty standard at this company. There is a variety of payment options to choose from, but they take different times to achieve this, which is not unusual. The most popular option is definitely e-wallets, which are able to process this instantly. Then, there are credit and debit cards available too, and they take from 3 to 5 business days to process, depending on what policy your bank has in this case. Lastly, the bank wire transfer is a standard one but also takes the longest – up to 7 business days. Still, it is a popular one as well, so the company keeps it open and available for its clients.

Carter Williams Broker Review 2021


The great thing about this company is that all its features and rules are out in the open – you won’t have to learn the hard way about the hidden requirements or strings attached when it’s already too late. Carter Williams lists all the special requirements and commissions attached to certain transactions on their website, depending on the amount of money you wish to withdraw or use in a transaction on the trading platform. Also, you should note that all deposits are completely free of charge, regardless of the amount you wish to put into your account. This is a pretty important thing to note since fees are the things we should all keep in mind when planning our trading strategy.


Regulatory information about a trading company is one of the most important things that the clients will look out for when deciding on the trading platform they will use in the long run. Depending on whether a company is regulated or not, you can learn how much of a priority the safety of your data and assets is in their book. As for Carter Williams – this company is not yet regulated, but they are ensuring their clients that this will change in the near future. This is not strange considering that the company is new on the trading market. However, their team has included many safety policies and other key documents such as the Anti-Money Laundering Policy, which is an important step towards keeping you secure while trading.

Variety of Payment Options

Lastly, let’s review the payment options available one more time. Carter Williams allows three big groups of payment methods for your use during online trading. The bank wire transfer takes the longest to process, while credit and debit cards are able to do that a bit faster. Lately, however, more and more clients are turning to the use of e-wallets completely. There are several reasons for it – the first one being the safety of your money and data. Also, e-wallets will process all your transactions instantly.