Brokerchaser Award: The Best Broker of the Year

Brokerchaser Award: The Best Broker of the Year

From the moment of funding, Brokerchaser has one clear goal — to find as many good brokers as possible. So far, we managed to find a lot of them. All of them are different, yet they offer amazing deals and trading conditions. But the thing is, only one of them can take home our award for the best broker of the year. And who will that be? Well, after a long discussion we made our final decision. Meet our top broker for the previous year — FXVC.

We have to say, it wasn’t an easy decision. We had to consider so many things, there are a lot of good brokers who deserve this prize as well, but in the end, FXVC gained the most points and climbed easily to first place on our list.

What Made FXVC Number One?

At Brokerchaser, we like to stick to one structure and review every segment of someone’s business while we are writing a review. Things weren’t any different now and we compared everything. From trading platform and customer support to license. Once we finished our comparison, things were clear, and we could make the final decision.

Not so long ago, we wrote an in-depth review of FXVC. If you are interested in this broker, you can read it and find out all those details about commissions, regulation, etc. If you already read it, we will refresh your memory today and remind you why it ended up being the best broker of the year.

Brokerchaser Award: The Best Broker of the Year

FXVC Service Quality

The first thing you should know about FXVC is that it offers top-level technology and very fast execution. Throughout the years, this broker changed and adjusted to the latest trends just to provide its clients with the best possible service. This is one thing that always adds an additional plus and brings everything on a higher level.

One of the most important things about a broker is responsive customer support. It doesn’t matter if you deposit the bare minimum or the maximum amount, you need to know that you can count on support. Well, FXVC offers that. There are different methods from contact and all of them are available from Monday until Friday (06:00 – 20:00 GMT).

Responsive Live Chat is definitely our favourite option. We tested it a while ago, but we did it once again to make sure the service remained at the same level. It most certainly did. As soon as we sent the message, an agent replied and welcomed us. We cannot say a single negative thing, since this agent was very polite and most importantly, educated. The conversation lasted for a while and our impressions are nothing but positive. So, this broker passed the first test and gained a lot of points for the service quality.

There is one little thing that was cherry on the cake, and we found it to be an excellent additional touch. If you want to send a message using an online form, you can choose the department that you need. This will save you a lot of time since the question will go straight to the right people and you will receive an answer the same day. Also, if you wish to call them, FXVC provides multiple phone lines and you can choose the one for the United Kingdom, Sweden and Cyprus.

Although this may not be important to most of the clients when it comes to final judgement every detail counts and FXVC apparently knows how to implement useful details to its business.

Brokerchaser Award: The Best Broker of the Year

Trading Conditions and Regulation

We like to mention that regulation is not the only thing you should look for in a broker. Trading conditions are far more important and if a broker is unlicensed but has an excellent offer, you should go for it. This time, we have a situation that’s one of a kind. FXVC provides excellent conditions and it also has a license. So, you won’t be required to choose between those two things.

This is a rare situation, we have to say. This broker is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under license No.238/14. This means that your money is completely safe, and you can still trade with the best possible conditions. This is probably the main reason we love FXVC. It allows us to trade without thinking about the potential consequences that come if we choose an unlicensed broker.

Now, let’s see all those trading conditions that we constantly mention in this article. First of all, there are five account types which means that FXVC equally respects beginners and professional Forex traders. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP accounts are at your disposal and each of them has some specific benefits. For example, Bronze offers much fewer benefits than VIP but it allows you to deposit just 250 EUR. For that amount of money, you will get eBooks, access to One on One Academy, a trial period of dedicated client relationship manager and professional trading signals, web TV, analyst views, education on-demand, monthly market review, etc. It’s more than clear that the Bronze account is created to teach you all about the Forex market and help you gain certain skills that will help you move to another level. We are certain that your trading appetite will grow as you learn about Forex and we are happy to see that FXVC is ready to guide you through that journey.

So, now that you know what’s within the smallest account, it’s unnecessary to discuss the other ones. The offer is amazing and if you want to see all details, simply visit the Account Type page on the website. Everything is explained clearly and there won’t be any misunderstanding.

Brokerchaser Award: The Best Broker of the Year

FXVC Trading Platform

The best broker of the year award tells a lot about one broker. It means that the team who stands behind it knows how to create a perfect chain that’s made of different segments. Together, those segments have to work flawlessly to provide the perfect service. One of the most important parts of that chain is the trading platform. Most commonly brokers decide to go with MetaTrader since that is the simplest and effective solution. Just to be clear, we do not mind MT4 or MT5 at all, but to earn the title of the best broker of the year, a brokerage company has to be innovative and implement something unusual that works equally good as MetaTrader.

FXVC gives us an opportunity to trade on a web-based platform. This means that clients do not have to download and install a single thing. The platform is available on the website and everyone can see it, even without an account. We appreciate the transparency and before we opened a trading account, we tested the platform just to get familiarized with it.

This broker came up with an excellent solution since you can do everything from this page. On the left, there is a main menu that allows you to manage the account. This means that you can see all positions, make a deposit and request a withdrawal or even contact customer support without leaving the page. It’s completely user-friendly and easy to navigate. At the same time, it offers numerous professional tools that will satisfy even the pickiest traders.

Overall, this is a perfect balance between minimal design and maximum potential and that’s not easy to achieve.

Brokerchaser Award: The Best Broker of the Year

A Word for the End

It took us a lot of time to collect enough information about all those brokers we found online. Nowadays, there are so many of them and we believe that traders have a difficult time to find the one that’s suitable for them. That’s exactly why we came up with this idea, to gather together all those reviews, compare the service and decide which broker deserves to be called the best broker of the year.

To be completely honest, deep down we knew who the winner would be, since FXVC always stood out from the crowd. On the other hand, we wanted to give a fair chance to every single broker, as there are a lot of them who deserve your attention as well. But in the end, we are certain that we made the right decision since FXVC is one of those brokers that we visit frequently and each time it is with the same amount of joy as the first time we opened an account.