Blueprint Capital Broker Review 2021

Blueprint Capital Broker Review 2021

Getting into the online trading industry might have been seen as a daunting task in the past, but nowadays it is easier than ever. Modern brokerages have made sure to implement new strategies and technologies to seem more appealing to newcomers and given the surge of new traders in the past two years, we have to admit it worked.

Today we focus on Blueprint Capital. This brokerage doesn’t have a long trading pedigree but has managed to attract the attention of the wider trading community. We wanted to find out what makes them so interesting for novice traders, so we spent some time trading. Now we are able to give you our honest opinion about Blueprint Capital and everything they have to offer.

Blueprint Capital Broker Review 2021

Quality of Service

One of the most difficult things for newcomers is to take the initial step. Some brokerages require substantial deposits to even get into the game, so many traders just skip them entirely. Blueprint Capital has done an excellent job by introducing the Basic account type that requires only €250 to fully access the trading platform with more than 200 tradable assets. This low entry barrier has enabled many traders to start trading immediately without the fear of losing substantial amounts. Another great addition is the daily market review which is essential for keeping you in the loop with all the latest news from the trading industry. With this information and a leverage of up to 100, you are fully capable to make your first trades, and get a good feeling of the industry.

If you wish to upgrade your account, or simply feel more ambitious from the start, you have three other accounts to choose from – Silver, Gold and Platinum. These are certainly more catered for higher-volume traders, and their perks are intended for intermediate and advanced users. Perks generally fall into two categories: educational and quality of life improvements. Based on your selected tier, you can enjoy financial and risk management planning, private analyst sessions, trading signals, webinars, priority withdrawals, venture promotions, private analyst sessions and much more. In order to make the most out of those, you need to have a deep understanding of many market laws. If you lack the confidence to take those on, you can access the education hub to learn the basics first.

All content is divided into several categories, including the glossary, asset list and eBooks. All material is written well with beginner sentimentality in mind, so it is easy to follow and well-illustrated. Once you master these, then you can move onto what is available on your chosen account type. We have to commend the attention to detail in these materials, as well as ease of transaction between the content for beginners and veterans. Blueprint Capital has created a great learning environment where anyone can learn trading and eventually upgrade their skills to an impressive level.

Speed of Response

Having a strong support system should be a strong backbone for any brokerage. If you traders are lost or encounter some issue, the efficiency of how you handle those tickets will determine how many clients you will be able to retain. Blueprint Capital understands this pretty well since it is obvious how seriously they have taken this task. They have created several highly efficient communication channels.

You can contact them via email, call centres or the Live chat feature. The choice is down to your own preference given how all of them operate pretty smoothly. You are able to promptly get a response to any query you might have. Furthermore, even with the email choice, which is traditionally the slowest channel, you can expect a response within minutes which is much better than the industry standard.

Transaction Speed

Blueprint Capital is unique in its offering. They do not rely on industry-standard solutions such as Meta Trader but have rather opted to develop a completely new, web-based, platform. This approach might seem strange and off-putting at first to those who have used different platforms in the past, but we encourage you to try it out for yourself. Once we give it a chance, we were surprised by what we experienced.

By being web-based, this platform has enormous flexibility. You can access it with pretty much any device that has an active internet connection. This lightweight approach also means the speed and overall performance is greatly improved. All trades are executed immediately. Experiencing no delays in this industry is key for success and we applaud Blueprint Capital for making it possible.

The platform itself is very comprehensible, as navigating is a breeze. The user interface is divided into several portions, with the asset list and real-time performance monitor taking the centre stage. Here you can interact with them and make use of numerous tools to create the perfect trading strategy. Using these tools is a pleasure given how responsive everything is. You will find everything you need here to get a good understanding of how the market is performing and what your next moves should be.

Blueprint Capital Broker Review 2021


Blueprint Capital is very transparent when it comes to its fees and commissions. You can read more about them in the legal documents section of the website. Basically, traders can encounter the following: withdrawal fees, overnight fees, event of default charges and dormant account fees. If you are careful enough, most of these can be avoided. In fact, we advise you to fully read all terms and conditions to be fully prepared and have the best trading experience.


This is not a regulated brand. Instead, Blueprint Capital has implemented numerous policies to ensure client safety and fund security. This is a common practice for newly established brokerages who do not have the funds to secure the pricey regulatory body approval. Instead, they focus on improving other aspects and then become fully regulated once they gain enough traders. This brokerage closely applies compliance, AML and KYC policies, just to name a few, in order to further improve its brand.

Variety of Payment Methods

If you have an opened banking account, you are set to go. Sadly at the moment, there are no crypto payment options, but this should come as no surprise, as Blueprint Capital mostly relies on true and tested solutions when it comes to financing. To make deposits and withdrawals you can use your credit and debit cards, as well as bank wire transfers. All of them ensure secure and fast transactions. Do note that withdrawals take slightly longer than deposits, but that is mostly due to your bank and its policies, so it might be smart to research those ahead of time, just to know what to expect.

Blueprint Capital Broker Review 2021


To conclude our review, we have to admit we were pleasantly surprised with our experiences. This brokerage did an excellent job at building the perfect trading environment for traders of all levels. If you are a complete beginner, there is no reason to be afraid, since Blueprint Capital has an excellent education centre that can help you take your first steps. In addition, there is plenty of tools that can help you when you become even better at trading. Combined with a revolutionary platform, we have to say that Blueprint Capital is on its way to becoming one of the most popular choices for traders in years to come.