Prove Your Knowledge with a Diploma


Whether you’ve heard about Foreign Exchange (Forex) or not, it’s never too late to learn more about it and possibly start trading and investing. So, what is Forex trading? Simply put, it’s the trading of one currency for another. For instance – swapping the YEN for the Euro. However, what people often misunderstand is where exactly this exchange takes place. It’s all happening on a liquid platform called the Forex market. Trillions of dollars are exchanged every day, through banks, institutions, brokers, and individual traders.

It might sound a bit confusing, but with a basic Forex education, the possibilities are endless. Not everyone who got into this field knew everything right from beginning. Stock trading education is a must for anyone who wishes to succeed. So, what options do you have as someone who is searching for the best Forex education platform? 

How to Choose the Most Reputable Learning Platform?

When embarking on a professional trading education, you might get overwhelmed with how many options there are. It might confuse you and make you ask yourself — Am I in the right place? Is this the best option for me? Should I invest in trading education? We’ll try and narrow down your choices and present you with the best solution. Among some of the top-notch learning platforms, our choice landed on the most comprehensive one — Bitworms.

What is so Special about

For someone who is embarking on an online Forex education journey, the main things they should look for in a platform, and that offers, are:

  • Different level courses, depending on your previous knowledge
  • A test that will determine the type of the course you should roll in
  • High-quality educational materials and a variety of tools
  • A certification of completion

Let’s dive into more specific details, and what this all means for you.

Check your knowledge

As we mentioned earlier, before you even decide on the type of the course you wish to enroll, you have an option of checking your knowledge with a test. This is a helpful step that allows you to make sure to choose the most suitable package that will benefit you in all the best ways. Whether you are a beginner with no experience in Forex trading, or a seasoned trader who needs to up their game — there is enough options for everyone.

What courses are available at Bitworms?

Now that you know how to determine which course level suits you the best, here are the options at


Here is where you’ll learn the fundamentals of trading, tailored especially for beginners. On top of it, it offers 1 eBook, 3 introduction courses, market news, and live signals. The best part of it is that it’s only 249 EUR.


For people who just started paving their way into the FX market, the Advanced course offers a little but more than the basics. It complements your initial knowledge of trading, including 3 eBooks, 2 advanced courses, and an economic calendar. The price is a reasonable one, only 490 EUR.


The most popular course is undoubtedly the Pro one. It’s not the most difficult, but still offers professional Forex education materials. So, you’ll get to advance your knowledge with full access to introductory courses, 5 eBooks, and trends. Don’t miss out on this opportunity since it’s no accident that it’s the most sought after, costing 890 EUR.


For the pros who want to become the best in their game, the most valued course the Bitworms offer includes full access to eBooks, advanced courses, trading charts, and daily analysis videos. There is a reason why this package is of high value, considering that for 1050 EUR you can get on the top of the trading business.

You’ll Even Get a Diploma

It’s no wonder that at you can find the best online stock trading education, especially when you know they made sure to make your experience legit. This means that by completing a course, you will get a certificate stating the level you’re on and the skills you’ve acquired. They pride themselves on 138,503 given diplomas, which, you must admit, sound impressive.

Is Bitworms a Scam?

Considering that a lot of in-depth research has been conducted and that professional traders left numerous positive Bitworms reviews — we can say that, no, this learning platform is not a scam. As a matter of fact, we highly recommend you enroll in one of the courses as soon as possible. It will help you achieve your financial goals and be more confident with your knowledge. Choose the one that fits you the best!