B-Finances Review: I Tried B-Finances, and Here’s the TRUTH! (Honest Review) (www.b-finances.com)


B-Finances is a forex trading platform that I recently got to know about. I would like to share my B-finances review with you to decide for yourself if the platform is for you or not. I also want to share some of the good features that help me trade more efficiently and make more money.

Read on to discover how it works, what makes this platform stand out from the crowd and how it can help you make more money!

B-Finances provides a free forex trading platform. If you go to their website and click on ‘Login’ at the top right of the page, you’ll be brought to a webpage where you can enter your login details to access the trading platform.

B-Finances Review: What you need to know!

Trading Platform8/10
Customer Service9.5/10
Education Centre6/10
Assets, Tools, Chart7.5/10
Account Types8.5/10
Account Representatives9/10

Their forex platform is suitable for all levels of experience, making it quite accessible since beginners can also use it to trade and learn how it works. At the same time, more experienced traders can increase their chances of making money.

It is a 100% free platform, which means that you can access it and use it for free. It may be worth noting that they also do not charge brokerage (commission) fees on trades.


The company behind the trading platform was established a few years ago, so there is a wealth of experience there to count on. They have been around long enough to refine their platform and learn from any mistakes.

You can use the trading platform on your desktop, which means you don’t need to be sitting in front of a computer all day! You can go about your daily life knowing that the money you make is piling up nicely without having to keep checking it. For me, this is a major benefit of this forex trading platform.

I want to mention in this B-Finances review that the broker does not have a mobile application that you can download on your phone. However, you can access it from a mobile web browser, which means that most smartphones will allow access to the platform.

The website says that their algorithms can predict market trends, generating accurate forecasts. This enables them to ‘predict’ the market price. The company says that this accuracy means they can generate income through trading.

The customer support is 24/7, so you can get in touch at pretty much any time of day, which is useful if you have a question about how it all works or want some help getting started. Their website also has plenty of educational resources, including a demo account option, so this platform will have something for you regardless of your experience level or what type of trader you are.

In my opinion, the educational resources help give beginners a leg up on their forex trading journey, and they can bring new traders up to speed quickly. Additionally, if you are already an experienced trader, you can gain a lot from the educational resources.

The platform is suitable for traders who use technical analysis and other trading techniques. It is not designed for those who just send off trade’s willy nilly without any research beforehand. We all know that these types of ‘traders’ don’t last long. In this B-Finances review, I want to point out that technical analysis is a way of analyzing the market which can help you make educated trading decisions, so it’s worth being aware of this when you are trading.


B-Finances Review: How does it work?

You need to choose a trading account type when you get started. There are four types of accounts, which you can tell by the names:

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • VIP

The platform has some unique features. For example, their double-sided trading feature, which allows you to trade both ways at the same time. You can toggle between your usual positions and your opposite positions (buy and sell), allowing you to make more money with each trade – it’s always good to increase your chances of making a profit!

As far as two-way trading systems go, I would say that B-Finances is standard fare. I’m not sure if it’s a unique feature or not, but since we’re in a B-Finances review, it might as well be mentioned! If you want to use this trading platform, make sure that you do your research and see the pros and cons compared to other two-way trading software.

The platform also has an automatic mode, which means that you can simply let the system trade for you and then sit back and enjoy your profits (or losses). This is a common feature with most platforms, and it works well if you’re not sure what type of trades to make. B-Finances automatically set stop loss and take profit levels for you, which can help limit your risks if you don’t want to use them yourself.

B-Finances Review: Pros and Cons


The main advantage of this platform is that it has an extremely low minimum deposit of€10,000. This makes it incredibly accessible compared to other systems with big minimum deposits. The fact that you can get started with such a small amount means that new traders are more likely to get the practice they need before moving on.

Another advantage is that you can deposit with credit cards or VISA, MasterCard, and SEPA, so if your preferred payment method is either of those, then this will be ideal for you. Of course, other options are available, but these include the most popular ones, which means that more people will use them.


The best thing I like about B-Finances is that you can deposit as little as €10,000 to get started. I mean, come on, you don’t even need a bank account if your balance is €10,000 or more.


Unfortunately, there are some downsides to B-Finances. For example, their theme is very dull with the black and white colors scheme – which isn’t attractive to new traders.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or by design. However, I noticed that sometimes when you change accounts (e.g., upgrading), the system doesn’t let you save your preferences until the next time you log in – so if you want to change accounts and don’t have time to do it, that day, then you’ll need to remember what your preferences were. Otherwise, you will have to change them again.

They also have the platform in only three languages, which I think should increase because if you come from Europe, the language selection is not that big.

Now getting onto discuss the Security, Assets, Charts, and Tools of this platform.

B-Finances Review: Security and Asset

There’s not too much to say about the security of this platform – it is well designed, fast, and secure. Of course, that’s exactly what you’d expect from a brokerage system, so there were no surprises there. If you use any other type of payment method, then your account information will remain anonymous, so if you’re worried about this, then it’s worth mentioning.


B-Finances Review: Charts and Tools

The charts that are available to B-Finances users are standard. You get a few different time frames (e.g., one month, three months) which gives you the chance to see how things are developing over a long period. They also provide indicators for each of the ten available currency pairs, so there’s enough to keep you occupied if you enjoy the technical analysis.

I was slightly disappointed by the number of indicators on offer. There used to be over 150, so it’s a shame that they’ve cut some of them out – but this is only likely to affect experienced traders.

There are some useful tools available for beginners and casual users with B-Finances. For example, the news section is pretty good; it doesn’t provide all the latest news like 24option, but there’s enough to keep you up to date and make informed trading decisions.

The same is true for their trading academy; while it isn’t as comprehensive as some other systems (e.g., BDSwiss), there are still a lot of useful guides that will help you get to grips with the basic principles of trading. These lessons are especially good if you’re new to forex, but even experienced traders may appreciate having a resource like this at their disposal.

B-Finances Review: Education Centre

I have to say that the education center at B-Finances is great. They’ve done a very good job of putting together an impressive array of articles and tools for you to use. What I particularly like about it is that they put together some interesting strategies which can help you get better results from your trading – if you’re not careful, you can end up taking a lot of big risks and losing your deposit very quickly.


They don’t offer a demo account which is a bummer, and I think they should, but for now, we can say they should offer a demo account and let us test their platform and strategies.

B-Finances Review: Conclusion

This trading system has several good things, which outshine the downsides. The main advantages are its accessibility for new traders with small balances and its two-way trading feature, which allows you to take double positions.

The biggest downside is that the theme lacks color, and some functionality isn’t available with your free account. This platform would be a good choice for beginner traders, but if you’re an experienced trader, this might not have everything you’re looking for.

In my opinion, B-Finances is not a bad trading platform if you are starting with forex.

Hits: Accessible for new traders; Two-way trading feature; Credit card payments allowed Cons: Dull theme; Maybe missing advanced features from other two-way trading systems.

Overall score: good alternative to other two-way trading platforms if you are looking for a low minimum deposit.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.