Ayrex Review 2020

Ayrex Review 2020

Ayrex is a broker that provides the world’s leading technology and the best offers for traders. I won’t lie, once I read that sentence, I got really excited. It has always been a great pleasure to discover new brokers that are worth our time and I truly hope Ayrex is ready to dedicate time to the clients and help each person who opens an account.

Quality of service

The first thing we are going to see in this Ayrex review are Account Types. Unfortunately, this is also the first disappointment since clients have no possibility to choose. You can decide whether you want to open a regular or Islamic account, that’s it. I did expect to see the better selection with different trading conditions, but that did not happen.

The next thing would be the Trading Platform. If you thought things would be better here, you made a mistake. The first problem is the fact that you cannot familiarize yourself with a Trading Platform. Since this broker provides a web-platform, not MetaTrader you have to open an account first and see if the platform fits your taste or not. Honestly, this is unacceptable since each person should be familiar with every detail before they open an account.

Lastly, we have an education part. This is a little bit better, but still not good enough. Why? Because educational articles are so basic, that even a beginner knows those information (What are Binary Options or How to open an account and start trading). With educational material like this, you won’t be able to improve trading skills.

Ayrex Review 2020

Speed of response

Remember how Ayrex promised the world’s leading technology? Well, Live Chat is apparently not part of that technology, since it’s not implemented on the website. An interesting thing is if you go to the Customer Support page, it’s written that you can use Live Chat, but in reality, that chat doesn’t exist.

Also, customer support is available from Monday to Friday (7:00 — 23:00 EET), so don’t expect to receive an instant reply.

Ayrex Review 2020

Transaction speed

Apparently, Ayrex doesn’t seem to care a lot about crucial information. You can go through the whole website and you won’t find a single thing about transaction speed. So, as a potential client, you won’t have an idea how long the whole process lasts, whether the deposit will be in your account the same moment or not, or how many days need to pass from withdrawal request to receive money.

Needless to say, this is unacceptable, and I fail to understand why anyone would open an account while the basic information is missing.


There are certain commissions with Ayrex, as I expected, but what got me as a surprise is the fact that we cannot know the amount. As a client, you have the right to one free withdrawal in a calendar month. Once you use it, you will have to pay a commission for each withdrawal that comes, based on a processing fee. And don’t even think that I was able to find out how much that processing fee is. Apparently, that’s one big secret.


You should keep in mind that today we are not talking about a regulated broker. Sometimes, that’s not even important, but in the case of this broker, it is. Through this Ayrex review, we have seen a lot of questionable things. There are certain claims that were completely false, and nothing showed the slightest dose of security. So, I cannot say the funds will be safe and if the broker doesn’t have the license, you are left on your own.

Variety of payment methods

We already got used to seeing one thing written and another as a reality. That is the case with payment methods as well. If you go to the FAQ page this broker mentioned that you can deposit funds with Credit Cards, Neteller, Skrill, FasaPay, Bitcoin, and UnionPay. That’s a decent amount and I would be satisfied if the selection is really like that.

In reality, you can use only FasaPay, Bitcoin, and UnionPay and you will see that once you open an account and go to the deposit section. Other options are not allowed.

Ayrex Review 2020

As you can see, this is not a broker that will provide you excellent trading opportunities. Most of the things are not even the truth and you cannot count on leading technology or a wide variety of trading assets (the only available are nine Indices, seven Commodities, 64 Stocks that are closed and you cannot trade them, and Crypto (only Bitcoin). So, my only advice would be to find a better place that will respect your time better.