AussieTrust Broker Review

Aussie Trust Review

Online trading industry has never looked healthier and it seems like traders are spoiled for choice nowadays. Ever since high spend internet connection became available globally, there has been an incredible rise of people looking to invest. With the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, the option to trade from the comfort of their own home became ever more attractive. Sadly, this has attracted many scam artists looking to make a quick buck with ill-conceived brokerages that have no intention of offering an even playing field. Traders should always be careful, especially when considering brokerages that were opened in the last couple of years. 

Aussie Trust does not have a pedigree of some other brokerages, but it managed to catch our eye. As the name would suggest, it is an Australian based broker that offers CFD, Forex and Cryptocurrency trading. After spending some time getting to know this platform, we are happy to share our experiences in this Aussie Trust Review. By the end, you should get a clear picture whether this broker can be trusted with your time and money.

Quality of service

Regardless of your experience when it comes to online trading, you will be satisfied when it comes to Aussie Trust services. They have managed to tick all the boxes that appeal to most traders. If you are completely new to trading, you can head straight to the education centre. Here you will find a variety of resources that can help you get your bearings.

Aussie Trust Review

Both the Glossary and Asset Index serve as a great starting point for traders to get familiarized with trading terminology and available tradable instruments. Glossary is a great introduction for jargon you will be facing every day on the trading platform. A great complementary piece to this is the eBooks section that offers an in-depth explanation of many trading concepts.

You can find plenty of eBooks that will appeal to novice and experienced traders alike. Topics range from Basic Technical Analysis, all the way to Advanced Strategies. If you are looking for a great starting point for your trading career, this broker has you completely covered.

Speed of response

Customer service is often overlooked part of the online trading industry. Traders can often feel stranded when there isn’t a good support system to address their issues. Luckily in our Aussie Trust review, we are happy to report this isn’t the case with this broker.

For instant result, you can head directly to the FAQ page. There are several categories of answered questions, ranging from account opening to trading on the platform. All of these provide a detail description of everything you will need both on and off the trading platform.

Aussie Trust Review

If you still have some questions, there are several ways that you can address them. In our experience, I would recommend the live chat feature, as it offers a direct line of communication to Aussie Trust representatives. They have proven to be very polite and informative with any type of questions we would throw at them.

If you don’t have the time for a live chat, you can always opt for the on-page form or contact them via email. You can expect a reply within the day, and these will provide an in-depth explanation of any topic you are interested in. There are several phone lines available for those who prefer to directly talk to someone. Depending on your part of the world, you can select three different lines, ranging from Australia, the United Kingdom and Sweden.

Transaction Speed

Aussie Trust platform offers a fresh and pleasant experience. While some other brokerages offer a more complex trading environment, it is often to the detriment to beginners. Novice traders can often overwhelm themselves in the plethora of available options. Even though MetaTrader has been a choice for many, Aussie Trust has decided to go with a more beginner-friendly route.

Aussie Trust Review

Trading platform is very user-friendly. You can easily find your preferred trading asset, as they are nicely organized in several distinct sections. Upon choosing your financial instrument, you are greeted with an interactive chart that portrays the assets’ performance in the past. If you desire to run even further analysis, you can use plenty of tools that are on your disposal.  

All transactions are executed with impressive speed. The light-weight nature of the platform enables the lightning speed of your trades. In an industry where seconds are very important when making decisions, we would always prefer to have a quick and responsive platform than one filled with an excess of options.

Aussie Trust makes it easy to monitor all your open and closed positions in just one click. Sidebar on the left-hand side offers helpful shortcuts to your account. In a moment you can deposit additional funds or withdraw your current ones. There is also a shortcut for support if you encounter any issue or have a question.


The online trading industry has proven to be shady at times. This is why transparency is one of the most important features a brokerage can offer. The last thing you want is to be submitted to bizarre withdrawal conditions or hidden fees that can quickly drain your account.

Luckily, Aussie Trust is pretty straight-forward and upfront about all fees traders can encounter, so you can calculate your expenses in advance. All charges are pretty standard, and they include withdrawal fees, dormant fees and overnight fees.

Dormant fees are charged in the event there is no trading activity on your account for 30 consecutive days. Overnight fees are a bit more complex. In short, a daily fee can be deducted from your account for all Forex od CFD open positions at Aussie Trust closing times. You need to be careful about calculating this cost because it can vary depending on the type of your asset.


Like we previously mentioned, Aussie Trust is registered in Australia. If you have little experience in the online trading community, this fact doesn’t mean much to you. However, if you are an experienced trader, you would know this is a huge plus.

The main reason there aren’t many brokerages in Australia is because of their strict financial regulations. In order to operate on Australian soil, all brokerages must adhere to numerous strict and unforgiving rules. Because of these regulations, Aussie Trust is one of the few brokers operating in this country.

Traders should have no worries when it comes to the safety of their funds. Aussie Trust is up to date when It comes to providing encryptions, firewalls, and other security measures to ease traders’ minds and have them focus only on trading. This is as much as one can hope from in a brokerage, so Aussie Trust passes this test with flying colours.

Variety of Payment Methods

When it comes to funding your account, you will be plenty of options. While there is some confusion on the company’s website, Aussie Trust offers Credit Card, Bank Wire or Bitcoin as viable methods. All of these apply for both depositing and withdrawing your funds.

Speed of those transactions can vary. While e-Wallet solutions provide almost instant transfers, Bank Wire and Credit Card options can vary drastically depending on your bank provider. You can expect to be approved for transfers in a matter of minutes. However, due to bank regulations, you can end up waiting for your funds for up to a full week.


As you can see in our Aussie Trust review, this is a trustworthy Australian-based brokerage. You will be hard-pressed to find a better option if you are looking for a beginner-friendly and feature-rich company. With its transparency policies, you can rest assured that your funds will be safe and sound.

If you are looking to find new investment opportunities amid the pandemic, you can trade safely from the comfort of your home with Aussie Trust. If you can pardon the pun, they have earned our trust and we can full-heartedly recommend them.